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Dopes... the government is full of DOPES!!!

I will guess, however, that this will not get much media coverage.

Allison Lundergran Grimes running for senate from Kentucky. (Guess which party has nominated her) 89 more words

Big Government

Ain't That The Truth....

“Party Politics is the most narrow minded occupation in the World.” – Will Rogers, 29 March 1925

It is sad to say that this is probably more true today than even in Will’s Day. 

66 more words

Rob Ford or Doug Horner: Who wins Canada's battle of misbehaving mayors?

Toronto may have shuddered in the limelight thanks to its mayor, but it’s not the only city to suffer from municipal misbehaviour. This week, the town of Gibbons, Alta., announced it would strip its mayor, Doug Horner, of his powers. 720 more words


Meeting politicians and electoral candidates

This is a summary of a workshop I attended, run by the DEA (Doctors for the Environment, Australia). I have more details available, and would be happy to talk to someone about meeting an electoral candidate. 375 more words


Who is in The Driving Seat Now?

It is reported that driverless cars will be allowed on UK roads next year. Many people are expressing concerns about safety. Mind you, the old story goes that the most dangerous component in a car is the nut behind the wheel, so perhaps removing that will prove to be no bad thing. 366 more words


Term Limits

From  Donna

Title:  Term Limits

Author:  Vince Flynn

This is an action packed suspense novel with former military members acting as assassins.  The assassins demand that the US government set aside partisan politics and restore power to the people, specifically a balanced budget amendment and term limits for all of Congress. 25 more words

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