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I’ve always thought that former president Lyndon Johnson was a clone of an Ancient Roman politician (1st C. BCE)

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165 of Maharashtra's 288 new lawmakers have criminal cases

The BJP has 74 legislators, while 48 Shiv Sena legislators, 15 lawmakers of the Congress and 18 legislators of the 41 NCP lawmakers have criminal cases against them.

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A Selfie with Jesus: Religious Art or Political Propaganda?

If you could, would you ever take a selfie of you and Jesus?  If you did, would you do it for personal reasons? Or would you do it to try to manipulate others into thinking better of you?   783 more words


Greed of our politicians and those in power...

Although Politics and Greed are absolutely two different words and their dictionary meanings carry a huge contrast between them. However, we can easily infer that these days these two words have become synonymous and move together hand in gloves. 327 more words


Politicians urge chancellor to cut tourism VAT

Politicians from across the UK are urging the government to encourage growth in their constituencies by cutting tourism VAT.

Research shows that cutting VAT on accommodation and tourist attractions would create over 120,000 jobs, add £4 billion to the UK’s GDP each year and contribute £4 billion to the Treasury over a 10 year period. 84 more words


Hope n' Change

Used Czar Salesman

Last Friday, White House spokesweasel Josh Earnest announced Barack Obama’s appointment of a new Ebola czar, explaining “what we were looking for is NOT an Ebola expert…

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