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Problems At Work? Contact A Real Fighting Union And Stuff Your Boss!

To hear the current government talk you would think the business community are paragons of virtue – nobly trickling down wealth to the rest of us whilst sticking to the rules and giving us poor plebs something to do in the daytimes. 303 more words

Fighting Back

Americans despise both parties (12/19/14)

For many years average Americans, regardless of color, gender, national origin, religious affiliation (or lack of any religion), level of formal education or any other cultural identity have despised Democrat politicians more than Republican politicians.

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Snickers & Snarks

Every politician desires edifices and statuary be erected in their honor;

they should be overjoyed when a crowd assembles for the unveiling.



With the common affinity towards musical topics I might put this short frolicking through the serious world of European Politics as follows: “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Lady Sinks.”


When will UKIP implode?

By Will Jennings and Gerry Stoker. Will Jennings is Professor of Political Science and Public Policy at University of Southampton (Academia.edu, Twitter) and Gerry Stoker is Professor of Governance at University of Southampton ( 863 more words


An Eye for an Eye – Hang Them High

Aasef Chauhdry

Ever since the fall of East Pakistan in 1971, December 16 was marked and observed as a Black Day in Pakistan. However, the fiasco of December 16, 2014 left no doubt about it. 1,224 more words