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Thought of The Night:

We have seen only one successful case of an actor who became a politician, yet we’ve seen a zillion failed cases of politicians trying to become actors…..This is the core of our problems…..

Good Night and…..Good Luck!


Guns and Freedom

Some people never learn. Others are just so racist they don’t care; it has to be running on the slogan kill them all, let God sort’em out. 852 more words


It Depends

Meet your next Donkey Candidate for President!!


George Osborne profile reminds us how human even our most senior politicians are

Have a look at George Osborne’s face in the picture above. It was taken at the very point that he was being booed by 60,000 people when he came to present some medals at the Paralympic Games in London 2012. 421 more words


Mindanao, BBL, the current state

The blog getrealphilippines.com has a post on the consequenses of the proposed Bangasamoro Basic Law that put it into context. We steal a little.

The post (and columnist Bobi Tiglao) ask to state of mental health among thlose hav who draftede and are supporters of the proposed deal. 604 more words

Jura&legal Affairs

Three Things To Look For In A Political Candidate (2006)

1. Personality.

2. Experience.

3. War chest size.


Having friends, with deep pockets, in high places-

Certainly does help in these political races!


Three To Look At When The Funds Go Missing (2006)

1. Robber.

2. Politician and/or executive employee.

3. PTA treasurer.


It just isn’t cool-

To steal from the kids at school!