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James Foley's Killers Wanted Ransom

The killers of American Journalists James Foley wanted a ransom. The Jihadists that took Foley wanted an £80 million ransom his employer said.

There’s a point in some stories where they take a weird or interesting twist. 191 more words


Canadian Infrastrucutre Spending

Should there be more infrastructure funding in Canada?

Yes there should.  Infrastructure projects great jobs, thus economic spinoff.

But while the east is calling for more funding because they’re recovering slower than the west, I still think infrastructure spending should increase nation wide.

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Ferguson, MO RF/Pulses -Extreme Weather -False Flag Op and Psychotronics:

Just watching the EMF covert agenda over numerous feeds was enough to know Extreme Weather was upon Ferguson, MO again. This is a working False Flag, no different than Operation Popeye in the sixties in Vietnam. 553 more words

Weather Modification

SVT: #Uppdrag #Granskning - #Snowden - #Dokument

“NSA har gett svenska FRA tillgång till ett av de mest kontroversiella systemen i den globala massövervakningen. Systemet som heter XKeyscore gör det möjligt att övervaka miljontals människor över hela världen. 13 more words



I don’t think hierarchical structure on a global scale is going to work as well as it does in a small town, luckily there’s this thing absolutely no one talks about called mutual cooperation, and it sounds like a much better alternative than the massive social collapse that could occur should the stack topple over. 70 more words


SVT: #Uppdrag #Granskning: " #Det #goda #våldet "

“Del 15 av 18. Det beskrivs som självförsvar, men i de militanta vänstergruppernas försök att skrämma meningsmotståndare används våldsamma metoder som också drabbar anhöriga och personer utan politisk anknytning. 17 more words


Congresswoman Anna Eshoo is holding a contest to rebrand 'Net Neutrality'

Congresswoman Eshoo’s Reddit contest to rebrand ‘net neutrality’

Today I launched a contest on Reddit to rebrand ‘net neutrality’ — the term used to describe the principle of all Internet traffic being created equal and that it should be treated as such.

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