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Pelosi Undermines US Strategy on ISIS and Troops

House democrat Nancy Pelosi is showing us once more how the left think about radical muslim groups like ISIS.  Earlier this week Pelosi made the following comment about sending ground troops in against ISIS. 96 more words


Britain is not just a bigger England, and neither is this what the English believe.

“The English, until relatively recently, seem to have imagined ‘English’ and ‘British’ to be interchangeable, as if Britain was just a bigger England.”

We hear this a lot, or a version of it, and no more than now, just when the Scots are voting on independence from the United Kingdom.

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Australia’s Prime Minister Announces Support for Legalizing Medical Cannabis

Meanwhile, here in Canada where marijuana is available everywhere, our anachronistic  troglodytes that make up the Conservative Party are prosecuting Owen Smith for baking marijuana cookies. 192 more words


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Why Are We Giving ISIS/ISIL What It Wants?

Has everyone forgotten that Osama bin Laden’s goal was to bankrupt the U.S. by involving it in an endless war in the Mideast? Has everyone forgotten the bales (bales!) of cash flown into Iraq and distributed like candy? 92 more words


Eco Comics Reveals the Scotsman in Time for the Scottish Independence Vote

In anticipation of Scotland’s historic independence referendum today which will decide if Scotland becomes an independent country, publisher Eco Comics has unveiled a new super hero character, … 121 more words


VICE News Daily: Beyond The Headlines - September 18, 2014

VICE News, Sep 18, 2014

The VICE News Capsule is a news roundup that looks beyond the headlines. Today: first of 60 British volunteers receives experimental ebola vaccine, Colombian FARC rebels kill seven policemen in ambush, second riot in a week at central Bolivian prison, and Cambodian garment factory workers demand higher pay. 84 more words


Libertarians getting screwed by the free market

Libertarians were scammed by a man claiming to be creating a libertarian paradise in Chile.  The idea was based on a Rand book where John Galt creates a libertarian society for his followers called Galt’s Gulch.   353 more words