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H.R. 1422: Keep Scientists Out of Science

The U.S. House of Representatives just voted for a bill called the “EPA Science Advisory Board Reform Act of 2013″. The EPA is, of course, the Environmental Protection Agency, whose job it is to make sure we don’t completely poison ourselves by ruining our land, air, and water. 394 more words

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The new Arabists: After the Arab Spring life is very different for UK students in the Middle East (First Published in The Independent, 3rd April 2014)

The Arab spring affected the lives of millions in the region. For better or worse, the downfall of dictators happened and the consequences are there to see. 730 more words


I Went On a Hash-Making Holiday in Northern Morocco (First Published on Vice, 25th November 2013)

A bowl containing beaten kif

Until the Spanish occupation of northern Morocco in the 1920s, Chefchaouen was basically a closed city. In fact, when troops first arrived… 1,374 more words


Is Morocco the Latest Haven for European Paedophiles? (First Published on Vice, 3rd September 2013)

Daniel Fino Galvan, the convicted paedophile who was pardoned by the king of Morocco. (Police handout)

When convicted Spanish paedophile Daniel Fino Galvan was pardoned by the Moroccan king last month, … 1,108 more words


Fascists Tried and Failed to Ruin London's People's Assembly Rally (First Published on Vice, 24th June 2013)

This weekend, the Methodist Central Hall in Westminster hosted the first ever meeting of the People’s Assembly. According to the group’s mission statement, the People’s Assembly are a left-wing coalition of unions, politicians, activists and Tory-haters who will regularly gather in public places to talk angrily about government spending cuts. 1,518 more words


Should the UK Government Really Be So Friendly with the UAE? (First Published on Vice, 30th July 2013)

David Cameron making a speech in Dubai. (Screen grab via)

Unless you’re a member of the Young Conservatives or a political cartoonist with writer’s block, government press releases aren’t exactly the most inspiring of reads. 1,329 more words