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US marine commander says they would take back Senkakus from China if necessary

To show how strong the alliance between the U.S. and Japan is, a commander of the Marines in Japan recently said that U.S. forces in the Pacific could easily recapture the Senkaku Islands should China invade them. 172 more words


If I don't speak Spanish then am I a racist?

Am I racist? Just because I choose to only speak the language I grew up with, English, and as long as I am a citizen if these United States I will only speak that language. 282 more words


Lawless Regime Update: VP Joe Biden Says Illegal Aliens are Already American Citizens

One can only hope that this was nothing more that one of our buffoonish VP’s many blunders. Don’t get your hopes up, because this statement is serious, and it comes from a man one heartbeat away from the presidency. 187 more words


Supporters, critics speak out on English-only bill in Pennsylvania state Legislature

Posted: Wednesday, March 26, 2014

By KAREN SHUEY | Staff Writer

If you’re preparing to take the state driving test or apply for a marriage license and have trouble reading English, you could be out of luck under a bill introduced in the Legislature. 472 more words


VIDEO: Obama-Lover Admits She Voted For Obama To Get A Free Cell Phone, but 4 years later she has a different opinion

Some Americans have admitted they voted for President Obama because of his race, his devotion to help the poor, or his original slogan of “hope and change.” Others admit they just like the free smart phone. 118 more words


Spring is here, time for change America

Spring is the season when plants start to show new flowers. Trees start to grow new leaves and the air is so fresh and clean. It is a time when the cold, snowy winter ends along with the ugliness it brings with it. 138 more words