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Apple Helps Evolve the NSA Narrative

Quite an interesting episode of the ongoing soap opera surrounding “privacy” in the age of ubiquitous internet connected devices.  (It’s been quite a while since I blogged about the NSA’s… 872 more words

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Britain's economic recovery overtakes Greece (but hardly anyone else)

Last year I updated figures from the World Bank which showed that Britain’s economic performance, while very bad in comparison to most other countries, stood some chance of overtaking Greece’s. 101 more words

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Labour's Mansion Tax - too good to be true?

The left-leaning UK Labour party plans to raise a tax on all UK properties valued at over £2 million if it wins the next election.  This is socialist economics at its best.   675 more words

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More Sober Assesment of Bitcoin From Coindesk

Daniel Cawrey asks “What Real-World Problems Can Bitcoin Actually Solve Right Now?”  As you’d guess from the title, “today, bitcoin arguably has few compelling arguments for consumers who aren’t early adopters.”  I strongly agree. 285 more words

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The power to borrow

I’ve emphasised the importance of the power to borrow, and I’m going to take the opportunity here to explain that further now.    One of the immediate reactions I’ve heard when I make the argument is that the last Scotland Act (2012) increases borrowing powers.  432 more words

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55% No, 45% Yes

The result was closer than the Westminster parties would have liked, but farther apart than I hoped.    It was, and is, important for them to feel the heat.  161 more words

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The Scottish Referendum should not become a Scottish "Neverendum".

So Alex Salmond got nearly everything he wanted.

He got to choose the exact date of the Scottish referendum.

He chose it just after the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. 94 more words

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