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Apple Pay Blows Bitcoin Away with End-to-end Solution

Danny Bradbury comments in CoinDesk on “Why Apple Pay Is a Threat to Bitcoin“.  The bottom line is that Apple Pay is a well designed service that meets the needs of ordinary users, and also has the backing and confidence of existing financial powers.  239 more words

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Looking For Meaning Of Columbus Day

I gather that many schools are closed and there are parades here in the US, celebrating what used to be Columbus Day, but now is more contested.  139 more words

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Best Political Formula Ever

Politics and the Human Spirit – 14 

Here in the States we tend to judge world affairs with a measuring stick of freedom and human rights. 353 more words

Politics And Economics

Economics After the Crash

After the director of research at the London School of Economics explained to Queen Elizabeth the origins of the 2007/08 credit crunch she asked “..why did nobody notice?” A simple question, but one which challenges not just failures of individuals but systemic failures of the science of economics. 710 more words

Lack of military action created the extremist chaos in Iraq and Syria.

As always is the case with political decisions, we don’t have the luxury of a controlled scientific experiment whereby we can see what happens if we do something and compare it with what happens if we don’t. 858 more words

Politics And Economics

Finally, The Killer App for Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have been hearalded as the future of money and generally the next big thing.  And the underlying ‘blockchain’ is potentially useful for many things besides payment systems, including ‘smart contracts’ (this usually means ‘executable’ contracts) and… 133 more words

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The "Local Pub" Metric For Cryptocurrency

For all the high falootin’ rhetoric surrounding cryptocurrencies, stories about “disruption” and “innovation”, and fiery declarations that cryptocurrencies can’t be regulated (or taxed), it is easy to lose sight of the most important metric:  can I do what I need to do with it? 183 more words

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