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The power to borrow

I’ve emphasised the importance of the power to borrow, and I’m going to take the opportunity here to explain that further now.    One of the immediate reactions I’ve heard when I make the argument is that the last Scotland Act (2012) increases borrowing powers.  432 more words

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55% No, 45% Yes

The result was closer than the Westminster parties would have liked, but farther apart than I hoped.    It was, and is, important for them to feel the heat.  161 more words

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The Scottish Referendum should not become a Scottish "Neverendum".

So Alex Salmond got nearly everything he wanted.

He got to choose the exact date of the Scottish referendum.

He chose it just after the 700th Anniversary of the Battle of Bannockburn. 94 more words

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Scotland will get more tax raising powers - prepare for a low tax, low spend UK.

Prepare for low tax, low spend economics in all 4 nations of the UK.

Scotland voted decisively to stay part of the UK and has been promised more powers to raise its own tax as well as to decide how it is spent. 563 more words

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Solutions for a Problem in My Society by Debora

Debora was asked to write about a problem in her society providing a solution to the issue. Here she details her concerns about Spain’s current perception of production and consumption of farm animals. 362 more words

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The argument on powers

The nation-state is dead, Scotland on Sunday argues in today’s editorial; the real issue now is about powers.   The choice lies, as they see it, between a position where an independent Scotland  cedes powers in a negotiation with other authorities, and one where a devolved Scotland gradually gains greater powers through devolution from the United Kingdom. 198 more words

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How Independent Would an Independent Scotland be?

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) dream of an independent Socialist Republic of Scotland where they believe they can better create a more equal, fairer society.   A sort of socially-just Xanadu where the wealth of the nation is more equally spread.   1,595 more words

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