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Hedge Fund Rip Offs -- Yet Another Episode

I read this week about a report about “innovative” investment strategies used by large funds in the US.

Alexandro Stevenson reports in the NYT that several large Hedge Funds (sic) employed the amazingly “innovative” strategy that consisted of: tax evasion.  91 more words

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People Talk With Their Feet, Why Not Listen?

One of my colleague’s just posted yesterday about federal subsidies for cities that are failing. He questions why the federal government props up cities that have been in a population decline and lists which cities made the “Most populated cities” list in 1950 and then again in 2013. 415 more words

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Wage Rate Regulation at Different Scales

Readers know I like a good graphic and I love state by state comparisons. Here’s a nifty little state by state comparison of wage rate regulation in the U.S… 319 more words

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How will capitalism end? - summary of Wolfgang Streeck's recent NLR article

A summary of ‘How will capitalism end?’ By Wolfgang Streek, New Left Review, May/June 2014

This is a summary of a recent article by Wolfgang Streeck… 1,445 more words

Politics And Economics

The Underlying Influences for the Coming Week

Wednesday 16th July – Sunday 19th July

The underlying influences for the week suggest that for many it will be necessary to pause and that the opportunity to review and reorganise, as pushing forward with plans, established / ingrained patterns of behaviour are likely to lead to a weakening of your position – no matter if we are talking about people, companies, organisations, governments or countries. 554 more words

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"orthodox marxism" as summarized by nancy fraser

In Issue 86 of the New Left Review (NLR), critical theorist Nancy Fraser provides a critique of capitalist production and its crises by looking at what she calls the background-foreground dynamic animating the machinery of capitalism. 1,267 more words


Looking Outwardly in the Age of Globalisation

As an activist one of the biggest nettles I have been wrestling with for almost 30-years is how to hold our governments accountable for the things that they do in our name – when quite clearly there are many things that they do at home and abroad either for self-interest or to appease their corporate sponsors; all of which goes against the grain of moral and ethical behaviour? 648 more words

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