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The value of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll for the Spanish economy

Everyone knows examples of creative book keeping, but earlier this week I came across a real Spanish one: Just add the estimated value of crime and illegal activities to the total economy and suddenly you are doing a lot better. 307 more words

Politics And Economics

The repression hypothesis and (micro-)resistances

For a long time we have been told the story about the mechanisms of repression that run throughout the bourgeois society. A story that is emblazoned on the restrained and muted deviancies and illicities. 1,625 more words

(Cultural) Criminology

The Greeks vote for Syriza. Is this the end of austerity or fantasy economics?

The Greeks voted emphatically for the radical left wing Syriza party who claim they will reject austerity.  The UK Labour party might look wistfully for inspiration from Syriza, reassured by Ipsos Mori polling that shows half of voters in the UK think no more cuts are needed. 547 more words

Politics And Economics

It's the politics, stupid

The challenge of understanding the modern world is seeing the connections in the system. No where is this challenge larger than politics and economics. The two were seen as inseparable until the early 20th Century when the two were split into Political Science and Economics.   81 more words

Joseph Stiglitz

The Madness of the Middle Class

by Matt McKinnon

Politicians love to talk about the Middle Class. It’s easy to see why: Depending on how one defines it, the “middle class” makes up somewhere around 55% of the electorate. 1,536 more words

Politics And Economics

What is Quantitative Easing (QE) and why is Europe trying it now?

Europe’s QE (quantitative easing) initiative, planned for an initial 18 months, involves buying bonds to a value of as much as €1.1 trillion, or about 10% of Eurozone GDP. 1,159 more words

Politics And Economics