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Hayase On “Cryptocurrencies For Economic Self-determination”

Coindesk published an interesting essay by Nozomi Hayase, which is a revealing recitation of a “Bitcoin Narrative”.

The central theme in this story is “cryptocurrencies for economic self-determination.” He cites different cases, who share only an enthusiasm for Bitcoin as a means to advance their own underdog case. 785 more words

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Book Journal 1: Classical Liberalism and Gold

Paleo Retiree writes:

  • The Law” by Frédéric Bastiat. Alas, I came to this book too late in my poli-sci education. No disrespect meant, let alone any quarrels with its status as a classic of the libertarian tradition, but it didn’t advance any arguments that I haven’t run into and wrestled with many times before.
  • 313 more words
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Bitcoin Startups Break No New Ground

This story is settling in to a pretty boring drumbeat.  What is Bitcoin really useful for?  (Besides extra-legal commerce.)

There is a continuing rain of startups, touting their “innovative” ideas, … 249 more words

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"We Are All Lakota Now"

The absurd political theater surrounding the pointless Keystone XL pipeline is having on beneficial effect: the Lakota and other tribes are finding a renewed voice and perhaps more sympathetic ears. 92 more words

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Experts Confounded By Economics

Sometimes I wonder.

In the face of 18 years of recession, the Japanese government imposed a sales tax this year.  Such a tax is guaranteed to cause the economy to contract.  142 more words

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Cryptocurrency Language: What Does "Centralized" Mean?

In the world of cryptocurrency, everyone agrees that “centralization” is bad, if not “evil”.  Cryptocurrencies are “good” because they are “decentralized”.

But what does “centralized” mean in these arguments? 269 more words

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