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The Spanish economy, did I see it all wrong?

After we had been in Spain for a while my view on life here changed from that of an average tourist with some special interest in the country to that of a person actually living here. 588 more words

Politics And Economics

in which i respond to matt walsh's comments on the michael brown case

This post comes in response to an article posted by one of my Facebook friends. Since my response turned out to be so long, I thought it better to just post it to my blog. 1,418 more words


More Cryptocurrency Talk And Results

While it is tempting to have some fun with Jon Matonis fire breathing call for aggressive legal attacks on, well, money.  At least he recognizes that the powers that be have no interest at all in being “disrupted”, and have the means and the will to resist. 105 more words

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How Britain has recovered

I’ve referred several times in the course of this blog to World Bank figures on GNI per capita in different countries, shown in dollars.  They’ve generally shown that the UK, despite the claims of the government, has not been doing particularly well.  107 more words

Politics And Economics

Hayase On “Cryptocurrencies For Economic Self-determination”

Coindesk published an interesting essay by Nozomi Hayase, which is a revealing recitation of a “Bitcoin Narrative”.

The central theme in this story is “cryptocurrencies for economic self-determination.” He cites different cases, who share only an enthusiasm for Bitcoin as a means to advance their own underdog case. 785 more words

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