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That Box on the Shelf

I’m pretty sure every house has just such a box, at least one of them somewhere inside.  It’s probably gathering dust guarding treasures of the past; a doorway into happier times or periods of tribulation. 502 more words


Mouseland (why do people vote against their self-interest?)

               “All the laws were good laws. For cats.”—Tommy Douglas

The other day I called Telus to cancel my campaign phones and internet service.  Groan.  After listening to canned music for 17 minutes I was transferred to a customer service rep. 826 more words

Politics And Government

Feudalsim, prt. I - The tyranny of a construct

Feudalism. It is a the subtle structure that runs throughout all of Crusader Kings II. It establishes relationships and hierarchies, it starts wars, and a constant worry when it comes to inheritance under Gavelkind. 862 more words


The Sonic Boom: How Alberta Became an "Offshore Business" in the Pathology Market

Why does Stephen Mandel, the newly minted Minister of Health, think it’s a good idea for Alberta taxpayers to support the lifestyles of wealthy Australian businessmen who earn more than $13 million a year, their executive teams who get ridiculous bonuses and stock options and the Australian economy as a whole with corporate tax contributions? 788 more words

Politics And Government

Danielle Smith's Leadership Review: A Game of Power

“No one wants less power; everyone wants more.”—Robert Greene

Danielle Smith, leader of the Wildrose party, put her leadership on the line after failing to capture any seats in the four Alberta by-elections. 612 more words

Politics And Government