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Alberta: Government By Trial Balloon

“The chickens are coming home to roost, and you live in the chicken house.”– General MacArthur to President Kennedy during the Bay of Pigs crisis. … 947 more words

Politics And Government

A Wilderness of Error

“The right thing can seem so wrong and the wrong thing seem so right that we easily become lost, to use Poe’s exquisite phrase, in a wilderness of error.” 963 more words

Politics And Government

Anatomy of a Homicide Investigation

Just as Ms Soapbox was fretting over Prime Minister Harper’s decision to appoint former CSIS director Richard Fadden to the newly created post of National Security Advisor she received an invitation from… 923 more words

Politics And Government

Mind Slip 004 - Judging Hypocrisy

It seems strange that in a country where people get all upset about some issue, but disregard a serious moral issue. Granted, some will think the issue with which they have a problem, is a superior issue. 261 more words

Politics And Government

Colloquial Therapy: The Evolution of the Prank

I try to find an air of colloquiality in all things around me; it’s a bad habit.  Names of people, objects or places are all subdivided with colorful, interpretive, and sometimes redacted replacements of my own choosing.  723 more words


Unconstitutional but legal?

Edited Version Published in HT

Imagine that the BJP-led Government at the Center were to promulgate an ordinance to amend the Representative of People’s Act mere days before the next Lok Sabha elections commenced to establish eligibility criteria for candidates. 983 more words

Politics And Government

Alberta Needs Charlie Hebdo

Wednesday’s massacre of eight journalists, five of whom were political cartoonists, at the French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo unleashed a torrent of “We are Charlie Hebdo” editorials across the world. 689 more words

Politics And Government