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By-elections and Marshall McLuhan's Light Bulb

By-elections are like McLuhan’s light bulb.

Marshall McLuhan, an Edmontonian who predicted the World Wide Web 30 years before it was invented, wrote books with evocative titles like… 357 more words

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194 ABCs and Why They Matter

The other day on the campaign trail I met a Bearded Dragon.

He was curled up in the arms of a little girl, blinking sleepily in the afternoon sun. 657 more words

Politics And Government

Hong Kong – more than meets the eye

The current protests rocking Hong Kong are often portrayed in terms of freedom-loving locals defying the authoritarian initiatives of far-away Beijing. The big issue is said to be how much say the people of Hong Kong have on who is elected to rule them as Chief Executive of the HKSAR (Special Autonomous Region). 1,890 more words


Premier Prentice Fast Tracks Flood Mitigation

It started with another “feel good” press release.

On Wed Sept 24, 2014, Premier Prentice announced that he was proceeding with two flood mitigation projects. He’ll divert the Highwood River to protect High River and create a dry reservoir in the Springbank area to protect Calgary. 745 more words

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Jim Prentice's First Week in Office--Straight out of the Corporate Playbook

As of this moment, Alberta is under new management.” — Jim Prentice, 16th Premier of Alberta*

Transition. There’s nothing more unsettling; no, strike that, … 876 more words

Politics And Government

From Our “Unifying” Government: Revised Gun Form Creates Profiling Opportunities and Other Misuses of Data

It may have taken 15 years for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) to amend its gun-purchasing form and another two years for it to make news, but news it should be. 382 more words


Jim Prentice Names his Cabinet: New Brooms Sweep Clean or Do They?

By this time tomorrow it will all be over, Jim Prentice, the premier-designate, will have unveiled his new cabinet.

Mr Prentice, the proverbial “new broom”, promised to sweep clean a cabinet larded with MLAs, who have enjoyed the unique privilege that comes with 43 years of uncontested power, and replace it with a smaller leaner cabinet that reflects merit and generational change. 746 more words

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