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Compulsory Voting: A Legislative Route to Minority Marginalization?

 The Prime Minister in his earlier avatar as Chief Minister of Gujarat piloted a compulsory voting Bill, which mandated that all voters had an “obligation to vote” in local body polls. 731 more words

Politics And Government

Who Has The Worst Job in Alberta Politics?

Why does the public go bananas when Danielle Smith, the leader of the Official Opposition, criticizes the PC government? They say she’s too negative, too shrill, too something. 873 more words

Politics And Government

That Box on the Shelf

I’m pretty sure every house has just such a box, at least one of them somewhere inside.  It’s probably gathering dust guarding treasures of the past; a doorway into happier times or periods of tribulation. 502 more words


Mouseland (why do people vote against their self-interest?)

               “All the laws were good laws. For cats.”—Tommy Douglas

The other day I called Telus to cancel my campaign phones and internet service.  Groan.  After listening to canned music for 17 minutes I was transferred to a customer service rep. 826 more words

Politics And Government

Feudalsim, prt. I - The tyranny of a construct

Feudalism. It is a the subtle structure that runs throughout all of Crusader Kings II. It establishes relationships and hierarchies, it starts wars, and a constant worry when it comes to inheritance under Gavelkind. 871 more words