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All good things comes to those that wait – they deserve each other

For those who have better things to do in their lives than follow minor parties in Australian politics, Clive Palmer is from a socially conservative economic nationalist party called the Palmar United Party; Bandt is from a socially liberal economic nationalist party– the Greens.  Both are MPs sitting in the  Australian House of Representatives on the cross-benches.

HT: Australian Libertarian Society

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Freedom of religion and equality before the law in a democracy

An individual’s religious beliefs does not excuse him from compliance with an otherwise valid law of general application prohibiting conduct that governments are free to regulate. 557 more words

Classical Liberalism

The decline of class as a factor in voting

At the UK General Election of 1964, a 2% of voters with no ‘working class characteristics’ voted Labour.

People’s socio-economic characteristics are now much less significant than they used to be as indicators of how they are likely to vote, for not only do many working class people vote for parties of the right, but large swathes of the middle class now vote Labour. 183 more words

Public Choice