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Don't black folk know what they're supposed to do?

Okay, I can’t stand it any more.  I HAVE to say something about Ferguson and the cop shootings that America is now FINALLY paying attention to.   1,565 more words

National Politics

When a government fears its own people

Since the last general elections, when, for the first time in our 57 year history as an independent nation, the ruling UMNO-led coalition lost the popular vote, the government has been getting more and more paranoid and increasingly fearful of the people. 552 more words


Lynching Flyer Distributed At North Carolina Church

This is how they appeal to Black Folk. They do not appeal to our Intellect. They do not appeal to our love of country.They do not appeal to the Future. 20 more words

A Political Soul On Ice

Daily (Or When The Mood Takes Me) Gripe : Be Afraid and Be Alarmed!

Fear is a complex emotion but it comes in two main forms. There’s anticipatory fear where we perceive a threat, know what to do about it, and take the necessary evasive action. 838 more words

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