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Annie Lööf har -- som vanligt -- otur när hon försöker tänka

I Annie Lööfs sommartal och talet hon höll på Centerpartiets valkonvent nyligen berättade hon om en ung tjej som hon hade träffat. Tjejen hade gått från Fas 3 till att driva ett eget företag och var nu orolig för att hennes läxhjälpsföretag ska tvingas stänga om Alliansen förlorar valet.

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We Will Never End It Because We Don't Want To.

Memes are an interesting phenomenon.  They are able to express a quick jab of an opinion conveying more than just words.  The picture adds to the sentiment being expressed, usually driving home the point in a very succinct manner.  1,321 more words

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Time to End Bullying, Now.

This was originally posted on my personal Facebook blog, I’ve since reposted it here.  Sorry for the lack of pictures and bells and whistles.
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General Musings

Why I’m Boycotting the Ice Bucket Challenge

Social media has been inundated in recent weeks with videos of people dousing themselves and others with ice water, in a promotional stunt dubbed the ‘Ice Bucket Challenge.’ The aim is to raise awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as ‘Lou Gehrig’s Disease.’ 230 more words

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Jarmusch Breathes Life into Vampires


Jim Jarmusch comes to the vampire craze in movies and TV with his usual deadpan approach.

Only Lovers Left Alive is the antidote to… 277 more words

Politics & Society

Me in The Nation...

…Huffing and puffing about Ferguson, the warrior cop, and the arsenal of racial oppression.


Keystone Cops

Some cops in Arlington, Texas need to go back to drug detection school.

A S.W.A.T. team was called in to raid an organic farm, after officers mistook tomato plants for marijuana. 33 more words