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Martin Buber on Zionism

From Martin Buber’s essay, “Nationalism” (1948):

“…in the thousands of years of its exile, Jewry yearned for the  Land of Israel, not as a nation like others, but as Judaism (res sui generis), and with motives and intentions which cannot be derived wholly from the category “nation.” That original yearning is back of all the disguises which modern national Judaism has borrowed from the modern nationalism of the West. 743 more words


How do principal-agent relationships evolve within a context of structural contradictions?

The principal-agent relationship is a very simple one. It simply means any relationship in which one party (the agent) is contracted by another (the principal) to do something on their behalf. 2,007 more words

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Beauty Under the Skin Reveals Beast


Jonathan Glazer makes movies on rare occasions.

His latest, after nearly ten years, is called Under the Skin, and it is a creepy on the cusp of science fiction weirdo. 273 more words

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Lovely Tulips

The questioner leads the questioned with his question. Mushrooms pulverize the previously quiet ether. In a neglected but expedient corner, shit masquerades as lovely tulips. I, for my part, chuck planes with my paper, in hopes of genuinely humanitarian intervention. 49 more words


Another Grandiose Hotel Gives Multi-Star Treatment



Watching Grand Budapest Hotel is like peeling an onion.

Within each layer are many stars doing their part in a quirky movie. 276 more words

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WEEI in Boston & Its Junkyard Dog Minihane



Though we used to enjoy the Dennis & Callahan Show on WEEI in Boston, they went to the pits once too often with their new face, Kirk Minihane. 297 more words

Democracy. Cheating people.

In the midst of a bloody and protracted civil war, the Syrian government is set to hold a presidential election Tuesday. The outcome is hardly in doubt: President Bashar al-Assad is almost guaranteed to emerge victorious in a vote that opposition groups and many Western countries say will be rigged from the start. 81 more words