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Everything You Know Is Wrong

Kanye West is a dick.

Now that’s probably true, but I have… okay now that I remember the Taylor Swift incident, yes definitely true. BUT, I have a feeling that he’s perceived to be much more dickish than he actually is. 455 more words


Time to Decide: Caledonia's been everything, I've ever had

Tomorrow my wee country is deciding whether or not to become independent or whether to stay within the UK. I have stayed fairly quiet on my thoughts these last few years since independence for Scotland was put upon the table. 121 more words


Evolution of Terrorism

International terrorism is evolving.

Noting how crazies who are nations get away with murder (Think: Russia, Iran or North Korea), Islamic terrorists have decided to be a nation, too. 94 more words


Korea's Cronyism and Crocodile Tears

Yesterday, President Park, Geun-Hye rejected the proposal from the families of the victims of the Sewol disaster who collectively demanded that there be an independent investigation into the accident. 458 more words


#Michigan County Sells Injured Mom’s Home Over One Tax Bill, And Will Keep Extra $80,000 Profit

Court documents obtained by WITI showed that notices went out about the missed payment, but Calley said that did not see a single one of them. 91 more words


Survey about Public Art

Greetings for everyone.

We start our blog by inviting you to take part of our survey about Public Art. It’s only to make an approach to what you think Public Art is, and what kind of impact can it have in our daily life. 23 more words


In it Together. Big Society. So much Better. Wow.

“Scots Are *Very* Unimpressed By Irishman Geldof’s Thoughts On Indyref”

So unimpressed. It’s difficult to rub your hands with glee and shake your fists with rage at the same time, but I almost am! 318 more words