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We Should Be So Proud

We should be so proud as a nation. This is what we’ve come to, this is how low we’ve sunk. We’re on the road to becoming a third-world nation, complete with roving gangs of police, itching to beat, arrest, choke, and shoot American citizens. 168 more words


A dangerous job


For all of the criticism (much of it justified) and bile spat at out police force, it is worth stepping back and considering the danger that officers place themselves in on our behalf on a daily basis. 133 more words


Richmond Official Blasts Chevron For Calling Huge Flare At Plant 'Routine'

RICHMOND (CBS SF) — According to a Richmond official, the enormous ball of fire at the Chevron plant in Richmond was not normal, despite assurances from plant officials it was routine. 256 more words


Gov. Quinn Names Comptroller to Replace Topinka

CHICAGO (AP) – Outgoing Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn tapped a member of his inner circle Friday to temporarily replace late Republican Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. 360 more words


politicians' generosity overflows #2014in5words

Throughout my life I’ve often missed an emotion. ¬†It’ll sound silly right now, surrounded as I am by family.

The emotion, or maybe instinct is better, is that of affection. 249 more words

Blinking Time

Reevely: Probation officers never spot-check offenders anymore, union warns

Ontario’s probation officers are so overworked and restricted¬†by safety rules meant to protect them that they practically never do spot-checks on offenders they supervise, says the union representing them. 735 more words