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Rudy, Rudy, Rudy: Giuliani sets MSM Ferguson spin

A fascinating segment from RT America focuses on the deft Ferguson semantic shuffle deployed by one of America’s more prominent Republicans, former federal prosecutor and New York Mayor Rudy Giulani, who after selling out his piece of a… 188 more words


Telling My Son About Ferguson

COLUMBUS, Ohio — MY son wants an answer. He is 10 years old, and he wants me to tell him that he doesn’t need to worry. 26 more words


The Case for Ethics and Government

Ethics and Government: Are they really incompatible?

            Mahatma Ghandi wrote: “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its people are treated.” Mahatma Ghandi was a very famous political figure during the 20th century. 2,508 more words


Military reviewing Bergdahl report including recommendations on whether punishment applies

Come on, nothing is ever going to be done over this….if anything Odummer will pardon the creep.  It’s been about 5 months since Obummer traded 5 terrorists for army deserter  Sgt. 388 more words

In The News

The Tragedy of Ferguson.

I cannot say that I am surprised by Darren Wilson’s escape. I don’t know what I expected from this justice system, but I did have a small amount of hope regarding his pending indictment. 998 more words


Let's have a nice cheery post for Thanksgiving Eve. Or maybe not

After two days of dog-related stuff occupying my evenings, time to post! And what could be better for a holiday than the news out of Ferguson, Miss: no indictment for Darren Wilson, the officer who killed Michael Brown. 336 more words