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who cooks your food?

Food softens the edges.
It gives us the space to enter into hard things, gently.

That, is what I love.

Food is political, emotional, spiritual, sexual, agricultural, among so many other things. 672 more words

White House to Haaretz: ‘Chickenshit’ jibe against Netanyahu inappropriate, counterproductive

Why have comments from a White House official bad-mouthing Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu been leaked to the press? Senior Obama Administration officials have already disassociated the administration from the derisory comments, some of which are downright insulting. 144 more words


Liberal Lurch: Both Parties Find Progressive Jesus In Dying Moments Of Campaign

My first reaction was that, in a perfect world, both parties are doing what they should be, which is reaching out to their respective constituents with assurances that they will be legislating on their behalf and using progressive ideas to govern with in order to create proactive economic and political policies. 217 more words

Dixon Apple Ochard Owners: Land Commissioner Powell not to be trusted

Earlier this week Commissioner Ray Powell released a video that Powell claims is “The rest of the story on the Dixon Apple Orchard”.  The poorly-made video featuring a… 1,465 more words


Anita Sarkeesian on Colbert Report

Hey everyone, in precision timing in light of yesterday’s lecture, Sarkeesian appeared on last night’s episode of the Colbert Report, where he dishes out a summary of #GamerGate and the hostility directed at women. 17 more words

General Interest

RT: Russian military to have special command for Arctic operations

Russia is creating a new command for the armed forces to defend Russia’s strategic interests in the Arctic region, based on the present Northern Fleet Navy division and include various existing Arctic-based military units as well as new formations. 421 more words


QE Ending..?

Quantitative easing has been going on for a few years now.  What is the consequence of this action?  We are in BIG TIME debt!!  How much debt?  101 more words