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It's a small world after all...or is it big?

Recently, I had a brief conversation with the Director of the Polk County Economic Development Corporation.

This public/private partnership was started in 2004 to help spread the message about why Polk County is the region’s best place to grow your business. 675 more words


Do you dream?

Food for thought

I understand the appeal of romanticizing the past. Many elders – and some of my peers – believe the world was “better when…” 52 more words

Sean Kinney

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I'm resharing a post that I wrote for one of my other blogs. The importance of dreaming of a future is a theme that has been nagging me for a few weeks now. I realized after I moved to Luck that I had stopped dreaming about what I want in my life...about what is important to me. Heck, I forgot that what I need and want is important at all. I was simply going through the motions of life. One of the benefits of being in Luck is I have slowly re-appropriated my Vision for my life - writing, travel, education and service. I've rediscovered my voice. It makes me feel like I may be in luck.

BCA On Way To Shooting In NW Minnesota

CROOKSTON, Minn. (AP) — The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is on its way to the scene of a shooting in Polk County.

No details were immediately available. 32 more words


Well that is surprising

The Luck Village Board President nominated me to the Village Board and the Board approved my nomination.

Hurray! I’m excited!

Oh, CRAP! Now what?!

Wondering if I wear this hat to the first meeting?


Mrs. Phillip's Hymnbook?

This 1849 Methodist Hymnbook (X2013.016.0004) caused a bit of a quandary this afternoon while we were cataloging and putting it away. The book was found in the Willamette Heritage Center’s collections in 2013 without any accompanying documentation. 203 more words

Artifact Spotlight

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words

Fox Hollow Nursery and Landscaping has been busy making Polk County more beautiful, one job at a time!  We are proud to serve Central Florida and we enjoy bringing joy to others through the beauty that various flowers, plants, and trees can offer. 152 more words

Polk County

Man Dead After Driving Into Polk County Pond

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A Colfax, Wis., man is dead after driving a car into a Polk County pond.

The body of Blair S. Piper, 39, was found Sunday at the… 67 more words