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Slow Cooker Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

I made stuffed cabbage in June of last year for the first time. I was surprised at the amount of great flavor this dish had using such simple ingredients. 529 more words

The Mountain Kitchen Recipes

Inside The Image: Red and Black

‘Inside the Image’ I hope will be an informative view of the physical and conceptual processes that go into creating artwork. 620 more words


Guidelines for Improving Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty

Everybody talks about their desire to improve levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty, but far fewer actually have a plan for doing so. Most experts would argue that you first have to have a plan – and a process – in place before you can even think about the prospects for any meaningful improvement. 1,328 more words


Art is for me // abstract expressionism. I just don't get it.

Red – Mark Rothko (ca. 1960)

“I don’t understand it. A 5 year old could paint that.”

A common complaint about Abstract Art. People are so confused by Abstract Art. 225 more words



So October has been pretty quiet but I haven’t managed to get out as much as I was hoping. I have been getting out locally for the odd hour here and there when I can and have mainly just been catching small fish but one night I lost a fish that I reckon was the fish I have been waiting for… 803 more words

The Fishing


Eer het god’lijk licht

in d’openbaringen

van de kunst

Een volle agenda en drukte, vooral in het hoofd, verlammen de gedachte aan lezen en schrijven. Het lichaam werkt ook niet mee. 886 more words

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http://youtu.be/a3HemKGDavw Where to begin....? With a long discussion about Bacchus or perhaps a literary discussion about the finer points of the comma and women oh dear me don't even get me started on that subject... It's been a bad week... I know it's Tuesday ( Saturday now)but remember time and dates for me sadly are drifting away long with the things I used to know. Slowly fading into a book lost along the way and beautiful story with the saddest of endings.... Women.... Eventually I'll write my book "letters from home" or "death,dying and divorce" some things I'm far to familiar with. Life short my friends... Enjoy what you have..

IMG_8015.JPG "A Tree for Madeline" I've finally clear the table for new work.. Well that's not entirely true I have a large commission piece that I'll be doing this November for a very ready friend, writer, poet and all around amazing woman. During the time being my paint table is open and I intend to dig deep in the heart if darkness, love and light for my next collection of work. I feel like I'm on the edge of a new powerful vision just waiting to be born.

IMG_8014.JPG In the interim I've started a piece In calling "Me, myself and I" 10/24/14 well let's see it's only taken me 5 days since I started this post to stay focused enough to press the post button. I figure I should press post before I we get any older. **please know this... Where ever you are and what ever your doing. You have worth, value, talent and strength. I know sometimes it's hard to see, but that's what friends are for, to remind us of all the things we can't see but need the most. Much love. Benjamin "A life in progress" 1970-current.