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Happy Birthday Pollock!

Thanks again for putting that canvas on the floor – and trust me, no, your 3 year-old could not do that


There Were No Survivors: A Tragic Ending to a Family with Plenty of Tragedy

Some families seem to suffer more misfortune than others.  This is one of those families.  It is the story of the family of Mathilde Dreyfuss, sister of my three-times great-grandmother Jeanette, and her family.   2,196 more words


Driftwood Bird

This was found on my favorite beach sandy of Lake Ontario. Minimal shaping was required.


Horizontal with Vertical Black Circles Mobile

A happy patron sent this photo of this mobile. It is good to see how and where people display my work. This is 4-5 feet wide if my memory is correct. 37 more words


Proper Tomato Sauce with Pollock Wrapped in Bacon

pollock (or any white fish), bacon, tomatoes, tin of tomatoes, frozen spinach, black olives, garlic, oil, basil, capers, red wine, sun dried tomatoes (only if you have them already open), salt, pepper, chilli flakes, carb to serve with I went for garlic bread… 190 more words


Stick Hand

I make a lot of these. Finding a cluster of branches that will work for a piece like this is more rare than one may think. 63 more words


Stick Family on Cedar

This group of sticks on a cedar cross section is a good decoration and also is used to hang things like jewelry, keys or ties.  It is easy to tell it is an early piece by the crosscut “heads”.