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Udall/Gardner - new polls!

So Karl Rove’s Super Pac did some polling in Colorado¬†on Udall/Gardner. And, pretty much nothing’s changed. 45% said they’d vote Udall, and Gardner was just a whisker behind at 43%. 79 more words

New Poll: Why should Justin Bieber be deported?

I’ll be the first to tell you that I do not like Justin Bieber at all. I do not like his face. I also do not like the fact that he is becoming a negative role model for the younger generation. 35 more words


Cleaning Challenge Poll:

Welcome to my 1st ever Blog post ever!! I’m so very excited to get started. How about we start out the day with a Poll? Tell me what is your greatest cleaning challenge?? 28 more words


Would you enter a Pussi Riot Golf Competition?

Simple yes or no from you gals.

Dependant on interest this could be a solo or team event. MMH and I are thinking about organising an event at the LSGC but want to gauge interest. 15 more words

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