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Detective - Noir

Hardboiled, cynical,
the dick
in love.
His slinky girl
—in sequins
and seed pearls—
Hardboiled’s away
with the fairies;
the scent
of aftershave… 40 more words

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Good News - And Not So Good News

A mixed day at Croome Court today. It was good to meet up with Clare and Maud in the basement and to continue the assembly of the two shoeboxes. 155 more words

Croome Court

Re-titled 'The Making' (originally 'Mote')

You watch me a while
fascinated by the up
down silver flash,
blinking at
the clatter dash
of levers and pulleys
—applied force—
wheel circling, 103 more words

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The Wait Poetry Anthology

My poem ‘Mrs Smithfield’ has been selected to appear in The Wait Poetry Anthology – especially pleased as all proceeds for the book go to Cancer Research :)

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I Will Go Home

I will go home
if I can find the place
that is home to me.
Two mothers,
two fathers,
one sister
five siblings…

Home is Hampshire… 31 more words

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The Promise Of The Watchers

I promise,
I know your darkest fears,
your deepest desires,
and I will use them against you.

I’ve been watching you.

Don’t look behind
as you climb the stairs… 170 more words

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Tonight! A Perigee Moon - second

For the second time this summer …

Perigee Moon

Fulsome, blowsy
closer to earth,
closer to man,
fuller and fatter
than the seas.
See her grave face… 43 more words

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