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You put your name on the tablet of time
and wonder where all those years went.
You remember the people you worked alongside
and remember the ones who were spent. 61 more words

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Another Harvest

That very same field
where the field mice played,
the dry scent that itches
nose and face.
That very same field
abundant with hay
that the harvester… 59 more words

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A Homophonic Translation

This poem is a homophonic translation of the Romanian poem shown below.
hom·o·phon·ic (hm-fnk, hm-)
1. Having the same sound.
2. Having or characterized by a single melodic line with accompaniment. 318 more words

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The Best Laid Plan

The thing that stopped him
was the Samaritan
‘You’ve done well, then,’
in a dry, droll tone.
Or was it the three kids
in their beds
at home?

Polly Robinson © 2014

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Detective - Noir

Hardboiled, cynical,
the dick
in love.
His slinky girl
—in sequins
and seed pearls—
Hardboiled’s away
with the fairies;
the scent
of aftershave… 40 more words

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Good News - And Not So Good News

A mixed day at Croome Court today. It was good to meet up with Clare and Maud in the basement and to continue the assembly of the two shoeboxes. 155 more words

Croome Court

The Making

You watch me awhile,
fascinated by the up
down silver flash,
blinking at
the clatter dash
of levers and pulleys
—applied force—
wheel circling,
my foot depressed… 101 more words

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