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All The Girls And Boys

Lips to lips, smooth as satin,
squash against teeth;
mouths open
tentative tongues touch and retreat.
Hands cup and curl on earlobes, creep
to cradle napes of necks; 43 more words

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Pure sentinels
of echo-blown ripples
pluck at swords;
tiny things crawl

Polly Robinson © 2014

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Candles And Splinters

Apples stacked
on racks Father made;
wooden, tough, splintery, like Mother.

The cellar doors creak,
a cast latch speaks
with a clatter as the doors shut fast. 139 more words

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New Blog...

A writing group friend has set up his first blog. You can find Peter’s blog here: https://esperluetterbox.wordpress.com

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‘Oi! You! Stop right there!’
Sunday shoppers stop and stare
at a white-haired chap
with a ruddy red face
trotting down the car park
making haste. 131 more words

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Downcast In Rain

Outcast by default
downcast in rain
outlasts the downdraft
’til sun comes again
seeking somersaults
thunderbolts insane.
A waft, a massed draught
from underground drains… 43 more words

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The Bruised and Quiet Wardrobe

Over at dVerse Poets Pub, MarinaSofia is urging fellow poets to let go of abstract concepts and describe things as concretely as possible in a poem combining household objects and adjectives describing emotions or feelings. 137 more words

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