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To Olivia

Ouch! A nasty fall!
Such an awful trip!
Poor bruised knee
and blood, drip, drip.
A blue and blooming bruise,
a loose tooth you didn’t chip; 53 more words

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Tonight! A Perigee Moon - third

For the third time this summer…

Perigee Moon

Fulsome, blowsy
closer to earth,
closer to man,
fuller and fatter
than the seas.

See her grave face… 105 more words

Writings & Witterings

9th May 1989

The lull before the storm.
The port before the call.
The knowledge of defeat.
The spirit’s downward fall.

A gradual repair.
A jigsaw in the round. 41 more words

Writings & Witterings


The Burghers of Calais by Auguste Rodin


Today’s the day,
today’s the day they die.
In every line,
carved anguish
on fine-boned faces,
in bowed heads, 118 more words

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Pearls Before

He was a swine of the first order,
called himself a teacher,
– couldn’t teach a truffle –
claimed to give constructive comments
…they were swill. 9 more words

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Mission Accomplished!

The shoe rack now has the two poems installed – finally the ‘ribbon’ was made and printed with many thanks to First Paige in St John’s who did a great job. 111 more words

Croome Court


You put your name on the tablet of time
and wonder where the years went.
You remember the people you worked alongside
and remember the ones who were spent. 61 more words

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