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Classic polo look inspired from sportswear - Trend Alert 2015

In the 19th and early 20th century, tennis players ordinarily wore long sleeved white buttoned up shirt with flannel trousers and ties. This attire presented problems for the ease of movement during the play and created discomfort to the players. 440 more words

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Polo Necks, no preconception, just Love

The polo neck…One item I could never get rid of, especially this season. You probably remember them to be our worst nightmare when we were children, but every single mother in the world knew something for sure: it is impossible to be cold with one of these on. 162 more words


Polo Opposite: How To Wear A Roll Neck

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I only wear polo necks in winter because I restrict myself to black, like Yoko Ono or a young person trying to hide their make-up line and neck spots. 545 more words

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Layered over a woolly black polo neck (another winter must-have), black high waist jeans, Doctor Martens and a wide brimmed fedora hat; a fur coat is ideal for adding character to off-duty denim and still keeps you warm!

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FASHION: Red Riding

This coat is my winter staple and I pretty much wear it everywhere, even when it clashes, just because its so warm and chic and lovely. 99 more words


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There is most definitely a difference between a ‘drama queen’ and a ‘queen of drama’. I most definitely fall into the former category, having spent many years at an all girls school and not averse from over-reacting to a minor incident (although I remain adamant that a lizard jumping on your foot on the pavement is a good enough reason to flail about in front of a group of American tourists), I find the idea of pretending to be someone else more embarrassing than actually just embarrassing myself. 55 more words

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ROLLNECKS: 6 ways to wear them

Roll necks, turtle necks, polo neck or skivvy (if you’re australian) – whatever you choose to call it, the weather has dropped and they’re hot; and it’s not only the ladies wearing them. 200 more words