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Big Steps

Sometimes it’s not about little steps. Sometimes it’s about big steps.

Like being able to spend my Tuesday night with my Lady writing, not just for each other either, but also for other people. 477 more words



I think my favorite memory of the 4th of July was being in the pool with everyone, and Miss catching me in her arms. She’s a few inches shorter than me, but in the pool that didn’t matter as she carried me bridal style. 136 more words


4th of July

So it was my second 4th of July spent without my Lady Love or my Lord Captain, last year they were out of town and I spent the time with the Group on the lake. 348 more words


For Her <3

It was a Tuesday again, and for the first time in the last month I didn’t spend it crying even a little. My Lady Love’s birthday is this coming Saturday and I wanted to pamper her tonight since it’s the last time I had alone with her prior to it. 334 more words

My Lady

Progress. It’s in the little things right? I keep telling myself that. It’s in going in to work and approaching it with confidence and focus and really feeling like I did good today. 581 more words


The He of a different effort

Something I did caught his eye, captured his interest. I may never know what it was, but then he did something crazy.

He took a minute. 299 more words


Wind Down

I woke up next to her in bed again this morning.

Funny how big a thing that can be, but I do truly cherish it. We lay in bed and talked for a bit before starting to get ready for our day. 397 more words

My Lady