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Lunch with Southern

How about something not so downer, as my entries have been lately?  Today, a guy that I started seeing about the same time as Co-worker (we will call Him ‘Southern’ because of His Georgia accent) surprised me by coming down and having lunch with me.  326 more words

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My life is rather blessed.

Oh it has it’s own challenges, no doubt there, like the super long day at work today and the fact that I’ve made a few errors in the past week in work that came back to bite me. 489 more words

My Lady

My Lord

He makes me feel like starlight and splendor. Like I am more beautiful than the vast complexity of the cosmos. I fall into his eyes and the universe is ours alone.

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My Lord

Minimizing to Validating

Today’s devotional started with a myriad of things that i have heard over and over again the past few weeks… every platitude from ‘don’t worry, you’ll get pregnant again’ to ‘Maybe it was God’s way of getting rid of something imperfect’.   395 more words

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Facing The Truth

Today’s devotional was quite interesting and spoke to me on so many levels.  The story talked about the Bible Story of King Solomon faced with the decision of deciding between two women over the ‘ownership’ of a child.   982 more words

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Emotional Day

It’s been two weeks to the day since my Angel joined the Angel chorus… it was a pretty emotional day. MIL freaked out because nobody wanted to eat her “breakfast” when it was almost lunch time and most everyone had just eaten breakfast. 166 more words

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Hide and Seek

I started reading a book today regarding grieving the child i never knew… In this book there are questions that encourage one to reflect on their loss… i am going to attempt to look at these questions and really investigate my grieving over the loss of my daughter…  520 more words

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