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As I still haven’t written any post on language learning, I thought it would be a good start to answer these questions (click to check out the original video) - from a youtube tag. 1,093 more words


Not Shakespeare's Beehive? Doesn't Really Matter

Like many of you, I awoke on Monday to a startling claim about “Shakespeare’s Beehive,” a copy of John Baret’s An Alvearie, or Quadruple Dictionarie… 1,137 more words

So you've found a language that you want to learn…Now what?

People will tell you, the first step is the hardest, but they’re liars, or they’re just lacking the ability to differentiate semantic variations among words. It’s not the first action that’s difficult, it’s that inside your brain/mind lost in the stream of thoughts and bombarded by internet salesmen who didn’t fail salesmen school and who can sell you the same crappy product twice by calling it something different. 838 more words

Foreign Language

Learning Languages and Having Fun

Welcome to my new blog!

I love learning languages. I love learning how other people see the world, and it’s a great feeling hearing people talk in another language and knowing you’re the only person in the room who understands it. 167 more words


The Power of Language - Reading is Awesome

As Salaamu alaikum parents, students and guests,

Reading is awesome! And being able to read in many different languages is just AMAZING! That’s what our last reading comprehension ELA class was about, wasn’t it fifth grade? 348 more words

Language Loving!

I’ve always had a thing for languages. I can remember walking around the mall with my mom, as a child, and feeling intrigued (and jealous!) when I heard passers-by speaking in their native tongue. 221 more words

Constructed Language