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Am I a Polyglot?

I am what you would call a first generation immigrant.  My parents came over to England from Iran when I was just 10 months old so therefore I grew up speaking more English than Farsi.   388 more words

Love for Languages

Those who knows me very well would notice my love for cultures especially languages. I am not a polyglot – a person who speaks many languages as I am not fluent in any of the languages except for English and my mother tongue, … 1,097 more words


Learning Korean: Day 1

Okay, I’ve always wanted to be a polyglot(person who speaks many languages). I already know 5 languages, so at the beginning of the year, I was like “I want to learn Japanese, Spanish, German, Latin, Greek….” I actually began Spanish and Japanese but I realized that I’m not at the level to learn several languages at the same time, despite the fact I’ve been learning at a school that teaches 4! 371 more words


So You Want to Be a Linguist

[image] When I applied for a doctoral program in linguistics, I think it’s safe to say that, in hindsight, I didn’t really have a great idea of what… 1,157 more words


Why this is not a polyglot blog

I was eleven when I took my first formal foreign language class. It was French. My middle school decided for some reason that sixth graders couldn’t handle a full course and would therefore be required to spend half a semester in French and half a semester in Spanish. 841 more words

German Language