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I Want to be a Polyglot, Part 1

I know I’ve been away from this blog for a while (though I do plan to post soon with the missing posts from my Morocco and China travels as well as an update about my first semester studying Arabic and engineering at جامعة تكساس and some of my future travels ), but in the past week or so, in the nerdy depths of the Internet where I spend my not-so-free time, I have found several YouTube videos that have inspired me to continue doing all I can to learn Arabic, maintain my Spanish, and dive into learning other languages I’ve longed to learn for a while (like Russian, Kurdish, and Pashto). 698 more words


Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

German is one of those languages that has a lot of negative stigma. A lot of people think that the language sounds too rough or that it’s too difficult. 677 more words


Teacher Feature: Marc

Name and Place of Origin: Marc; too complicated

What do you enjoy about teaching ESL? Educating students.

Have you ever taught ESL in a foreign country?  92 more words


Paris, Tu Me Manques

 All this talk about the Netherlands, and Dutch, has made me forget about the first language I fell in love with; the language that opened my eyes to a new culture; that introduced me to the fun and useful aspects of learning to speak something other English and Irish. 801 more words


Polyglot In-Training. Operation: German

My feelings on the prevalence of technology in our daily lives in the 21st century are definitely mixed, but one promising aspect of the boom in access to internet that has appealed to me is the ability to learn a foreign language online for free. 1,357 more words

Language Learning

Babbling in Babel

Once upon a time, everyone spoke the same language. That, at least, is what the Bible says, and even if I am doubtful to taking this as God’s truth, let us assume this was the case, the consequences being that we agree humans first saw the light of the day in one location rather than having multiple evolutionary threads which all culminated in… 1,114 more words