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El beneficio de los conocimientos lingüísticos

Hace poco, yo he leído un artículo interesante sobre la falta de interés de los ingleses en los idiomas extranjeras. La autora parte del hecho de que solamente “el 6% de los estudiantes británicos eligen los idiomas como materia de estudio” lo que da lugar a un abandono de los idiomas como materias de parte de las universidades. 178 more words


Propter the inherent obfuscation...

Propter the inherent obfuscation, I shrink from ostentation qua ostentation; ergo this sentence is an obligation to be accepted as a modern legal allegation concerning the noyance of 21st century monoglottism quid pro quo.


Welcome to the blog!

Hello! Hallo! 안녕하세요( Annyeonghaseyo)! Hoi! Welcome to my blog, A day in the life of an aspiring polyglot! My name is Marlena and I’m an aspiring polyglot! 281 more words


Les Français(es) et les langues étrangères

Depuis des semaines, je pense écrire un article sur l’un des sujets que j’ai rencontré tout au long de mon séjour en France: La fameuse difficulté des Français(es) à apprendre les langues étrangères. 1,408 more words


How To Be Tired in Spanish | Lying In Bed and House Vocabulary in Spanish|

In this Spanish lesson I show you how to speak Spanish like a native when you are just so tired lying on bed or in the sofa and going to expend you day doing nothing in house. 18 more words



Tonight, I went down to Washington, DC for Benny Lewis’ book signing for Fluent in Three Months.

Now, this was one of the two things I was looking forward to over my sabbatical – going on a vacation without the kids and attending this book signing.   687 more words


The Shower In Spanish

Today’s lesson is about how to say that you are taking a shower in Spanish and about some things that you can find there.
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