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Speaking in tongues

I love languages and it’s a shame that I can speak only Estonian and English properly.

I studied Russian at school for 7 years but can barely hold a conversation and my grammar is a nightmare. 553 more words

Literal Transcription of "Being multilingual ist oberaffentittengeil, n'est-ce pas?"

Due to limited time, I’m posting the transcript for my latest video here until I can time it to the video itself. The original video can be found here: … 3,211 more words


Interview with Ben Fletcher-Watson on theatre for the very young

Ben Fletcher-Watson is currently completing a PhD on Scottish theatre for the very young. He is the co-editor of the Scottish Journal of Performance, and his most recently published paper explored ‘how Early Years performing arts experiences are tailored to the developmental capabilities of babies and toddlers’ in Youth Theatre Journal. 1,180 more words

Theatre For Young Audiences

Finding Words

I have spent the better part of my life trying to find the right words:  the right words for school papers, and tests, and excuses; the right words to express attraction, to break up, to try again; the right words for characters, and stories, and plot.  360 more words

Life Lessons

Polyglot's Dream Interview

Note: The entire video is interesting to listen to, but for those waiting for French, they begin speak French at the 9:33 mark. For me, this is all about listening to their unique French accents, and focusing on trying to lessen my own. 863 more words


Top 3 Mistakes I've Made When Studying A Foreign Language

By Levi Flint

The following are the 3 top mistakes that I have made when learning Spanish, Portuguese, and French in the past years of my life. 960 more words


Want to be fluent in a foreign language? Better start reading in your language of choice now!

By Levi Flint

Hello friends! In this post I am going to ramble a bit about the importance of forcing yourself to read in a foreign language (both to yourself and out loud) to improve both your cognitive language development of the language as well as the your pronunciation and confidence. 646 more words