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Doin' thangs.

A quick update on what I’ve been up to: I just finished the editing process for a new Polygon feature, which I’ve been working on for the last couple months. 114 more words


What Can Be Said About Civilization: Beyond Earth

The civilization franchises is one of the oldest and most successful PC gaming series in history. I have sunk more hours than I would like to admit into Civilization 3 and 4 over the course of my life and I feel like it was all worth it. 566 more words

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How to Draw a Sevenpointed Star Pattern Without Really Trying

Grids form the structure on which Islamic geometric patterns are built. You can’t see them but you can’t do without them.

There’s a glazed ceramic composition on the exterior of the mausoleum of… 112 more words


Carlos' Garden

Note: A few weeks ago, Carlos and his Mom approached me and asked if I would help Carlos with his vegetable plot. We have been working together each Sunday for an hour or two. 790 more words

Polyspace - Tactual Sense

Funkwelten Records (FW 004), 2003

Collaborations are curious things.  How is it determined which person assumes the bulk of the responsibility, and does someone at all?  685 more words

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Tessellation Using Regular Hexacontakaihexagons, Regular Dodecagons, and Two Different (and Unusual) Concave, Equilateral Polygons

Hexacontakaihexagons have 36 sides, and dodecagons, of course, have twelve. When a regular hexacontakaihexagon is surrounded by twelve regular dodecagons, in the manner shown here, adjacent dodecagons almost, but not quite, meet at vertices. 144 more words