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GamerGate and "Hatred" are the Ultimate Powder Keg

I will not summarize GamerGate here today – it’s labyrinthine, prickly, and has been going on long enough that one could call it a “saga”. The best write-ups I have found on the subject have been… 904 more words


On the 'Death' of #GamerGate

I’ve been seeing a lot of hullabaloo in the last few days regarding the death of GamerGate; detractors loudly cheering that the witch is finally dead despite trending statistics suggesting that it’s still going, strong as ever. 850 more words

The World At Large.

Alienated and Isolated

NOTE: This “Review” might contain some minor spoilers, but considering I only played about 30 minutes into the game, they would be VERY minor.


This is an almost not-played review of Alien Isolation. 2,093 more words


Everything right and wrong with Polygon's editorial on #GamerGate

Despite a number of opinion pieces on #GamerGate, the cultural movement that mixes opposition to unethical practices in games media with some unsavoury misogyny, games website Polygon has refused to take a firm editorial stance on the issue – until now.   2,034 more words