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Internet Apocalypse 2014 Followup or: Why It's Not Technically Lying if You Just Don't Talk About It

And this is how they do it. This is how they start to spin it in their favour, and make it all about the bold, defiant gaming press standing up against the ‘pouting, obstinate children’ that dared to question them. 2,168 more words

The World At Large.

Kotaku’s Policy on Patreon Support

A guest post by Stephen Beirne. 

This week saw major videogames publication Kotaku updating its ethics policy in an unpopular direction. Given that games journalism is generally notorious for corruption and nepotism, Kotaku opted to mend the field’s reputation by barring its writers from supporting the potential subjects of their reporting via… 691 more words

Unite Youth


Because, coo.

They are for my Ghostbusters scene!

3d Modelling

In defence of Games Journalism

A response to this petition

Games journalism, and forgive the irony of this metaphor, seems to have received a lot of bad press lately. If you know why then that’s fine, we don’t need to mention it. 1,514 more words


Ghostbusters - Ecto1 nearly completed.

Broom!  Should be finished tomorrow.  Left the decals until last because they are the best bit. Chrome is… horrible to create without a shader.

3d Modelling