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Find the Area of the Trapezium

Given ABCD is a Trapezium with side AB||CD. AB = 78 cm, CD = 52 cm, AD =28 cm and BC = 30 cm. Find the area of ABCD? 64 more words


21 Brand Indonesia yang Disangka Brand Luar Negeri

Anda pasti sudah tak asing lagi dengan merk branded yang ada di pasaran kita. Mulai dari baju, produk elektronik, handphone, sampai makanan cepat saji. Selain produk branded terkenal tersebut banyak dari produk asing, ternyata banyak juga merk lokal Indonesia. 1,890 more words


Pick an Object Please Miss Dempsey..

Just before Christmas we all got a little brief of being chose at random to model and draw from the table in the studio.

We picked a card and the matching number is what you were given. 754 more words

3D Realisation

Polygonal Insects

First of all I need to say that I was never ever a good friend with insects. There are some I find interesting, only butterflies are incredible beautiful for me, but others are not on my favorite list. 197 more words


On the Possible Numbers of Vertices of Extended Convex Polygons

A few days ago, I came across the phrase, while surfing the Internet, “the extended quadrilateral has six vertices.” Not understanding this, I researched the matter, and found out what this phrase means. 711 more words