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Modular progress

Chris here, quick update on how the modular walls are coming along.

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Modular Construction for the Asylum.

Chris here, been practising in 3DS-Max to obtain skills on modular construction. We are already impressed with how fast you can piece together fleshed out scenery and can’t wait to learn how to add finer details. 47 more words

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Vertica - Place, GIS


In creating actionable analytics to inform better business decisions, the collected data often concerns the aspects of “who” and “what.” HP Vertica Place is geospatial functionality that will help to support collection and analysis of geospatial information to add the aspect of “where.” 176 more words

Big Data

Building a 2D World from Polygons

In my tactical project, I am building my world from polygons:

There are however a variety of polygon types to serve the functions of the world: 695 more words

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Topology.... Top whaa?

Exactly what i said…. Topology….

Now now ladies and gentlemen dont all ask at once…

What is topology ?

Lets break this down simply, I don’t want to confuse anyone or even more so myself…. 239 more words

3D Realisation


Developing upon the “connections” thought I started to research polygons. Visually they show interlocking in branching out in a minimalistic and sophisticated way. With some typography and imagery of a polygons representing “connections” I feel this is an idea that could be explored.



The tactical project has been long in planning, and as is often the case with me, it is the final design scheme coming out of several similar or connected design goals. 257 more words

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