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98-Faced Polyhedron Featuring Heptagons

There are, as faces, 24 irregular heptagons, 6 irregular octagons of one type, and 12 of another, 24 rectangles of one type, and 24 of another, and 8 equilateral triangles. 20 more words


Tessellation Using Regular Hexacontakaihexagons, Regular Dodecagons, and Two Different (and Unusual) Concave, Equilateral Polygons

Hexacontakaihexagons have 36 sides, and dodecagons, of course, have twelve. When a regular hexacontakaihexagon is surrounded by twelve regular dodecagons, in the manner shown here, adjacent dodecagons almost, but not quite, meet at vertices. 144 more words


Polygons & Tessellations

A polygon is a simple, closed curve that is the union of line segments. A four sided polygon will have an interior sum of 360 degrees, or each half of the figure being 180 degrees. 105 more words

Wahd, joush, telleta, rrba, hhamsa

Today marks the first day of my third week in Morocco. 

I can’t believe that I have already been here for two whole weeks. It has been such a HUGE blessing each and every day. 268 more words

Using Soft Bodies to create Falling Leaves

In this test, firstly i used the cloner tool to clone the single polygon around a shape, then added a random effector and manipulated the positions of the polygons. 27 more words

Brief - World Of Seasons

Picture Perfect

I have been thinking and planning for next school year already. I actually enjoy the planning phase while I know it drives some people bonkers to think that far ahead. 224 more words