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More jsDraw2D - 3d Primatives

I had previously discussed jsDraw2D in regard to drawing custom curves . This post will discuss another aspect of the library, the ability to generate figures such as rectangle, ellipses and polygons and how that can be used to make 3 dimensional figures. 1,018 more words

Wednesdaymeter - Dean Carnby

Tired of all the same types of fantasy stories out there? Wishing you could read something completely new and original? Like to eat fruit? And maybe enjoy a bit of quirk? 783 more words


Google Maps API - draggable polygons

This post was in response to a question on StackOverflow, asking how to make a draggable and editable polygon, but restrict it to always be a pentagon. 751 more words


Mapping the GIS Adventure - Lab 6: Y'all, That Texas Coastline is Killer

You might notice that I skipped Lab 5. This is due to the unfortunate fact that I accidentally lost my Lab 5 pdf. I still have the map, so I think I’ll be able to recreate it, but I haven’t had a chance to go digging. 771 more words

Mapping The GIS Adventure

Tessellation Using Four-Part Compound Eyes

To see a single four-part compound eye, look at the previous post.


WebGL polygons fill with libtess.js

Brendnan Kenny from Google showed  here how he made polygons using libtess.js on Google Maps, so I have tried that too with single large enough polygon on Leaflet with CZ districts.   259 more words


Symmetry for Big Kids: The Dihedral Group

Continuing my studies in group theory, I decided to divulge here one of my *favorite* simple groups, the dihedral group. This group intrigues me simply because… 510 more words