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Too Much Doesn't Have to be a Bad Thing

We all have that one friend, that spreads themselves waaayyyy too thin. The one whose minor has absolutely nothing to do with their major. The one that has way too many interests. 237 more words


A place for quotes from renown people. Quotes for meditation and acquiring different perspectives. Everyday quotes!


“My brain is only a receiver, in the Universe there is a core from which we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.

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Daily Knowledge!

How to Live: The Wisdom of the Enneagram in a Nutshell

How to Live:

“Improve yourself and become the best possible version of who you are. Care for others and be responsive to their needs. Show initiative, enterprise and style.  

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Jack of all trades is mind blogging

For the past few years, I was thinking how one can apply the skills of being jack of all trades. With many years of hit and trials, I found one domain and field where being jack of all trades is most needed, blogging. 47 more words


Pagan Blog Project - "P" is for Poly

“P” is for poly, meaning many.  That should be simple, shouldn’t it?  I mean you can have polyamory (many loves), polyandry (many husbands), polygyny (many wives), or be a polyglot, speaking many languages or a polymath, a student of many knowledges…and oh, BINGO, polytheism — many gods. 853 more words

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