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Please notice the peripherals

Wake up – get up – chores and responsibility from cradle to grave. As with all polar extremes, you either surf the top or you get crushed under the waves. 853 more words

4 ways to embrace your inner polymath

As a society we’ve always been fascinated with human history. Even if we’re currently living in the technological revolution, where the birth of the internet has globalized the world we live in, making information universally accessible and connecting us more than ever, we are drawn to learn more about our past to see how far we’ve come. 1,687 more words

Polymath8b, X: writing the paper, and chasing down loose ends

This is the tenth thread for the Polymath8b project to obtain new bounds for the quantity


the previous thread may be found here. 428 more words


Polymath Project: An Introduction

What is a polymath, you ask? Well, it originates from the Greek polymathēs, meaning “the learning of many things.” I would compare it to another word of Greek origin, philomath, which is essentially “the love of learning.” In theory, these two words should be very similar, but in reality they are not. 589 more words

Polymath Project

Who are you reading?

Here’s a little more about the person behind these words.
Everyone calls me Shine. My birth name is Cheyenne, and Shine is a nickname. A lot of people say that it suits me and I agree for the most part. 522 more words


The Construction of a Subatomic Idea Collider

For a while now, I’ve had the idea of artificially generating creativity by deliberately colliding bit-streams at high speed. As reported here, my thinking was refined recently by the charitable donation that ideas may not only exist in atomic form but as subatomic (or “half-arsed”) ideas, out looking to hook up with a partner (whether they know it or not!) 404 more words