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Mini Polymer Clay Accessories!

Hey everyone! Lately I’ve been experimenting with clay and making things like the pictures above! Yes, they’re made of clay. And they’re actually pretty small. The bottle of mints is actually around an inch and a half and the cookie is about an inch wide. 61 more words

Researchers Build Heat Resistant Nanostructures

Researchers at the University of Kentucky have discovered new methods to build heat resistant nanostructures and arrays using RNA. Chemical polymers have seen extensive use in clothing, piping, plastics, containers, bottles, cookware, tools and medical materials. 13 more words


1001 Uses For Dental Floss#20- Artificial Muscle From Floss


1.Today’s post about artificial muscle created from nylon floss may get a bit technical.
2. I haven’t actually tried any of this, although the researchers claim you can do this at home. 376 more words

Polymer chair (yup, that's correct)

There’s not much to dislike about bank holiday Mondays; no work, plenty food, and, if you’re lucky, great family and friends around you. And if you’re especially lucky, you’ll have some polymer clay around, and finally build the basic part of a chair for a prop.  36 more words

Jewellery Tutorial Website

While doing some research into how to start making your own jewellery collection, I came across this website http://www.jewellerymaker.com/en-gb/videotutorials/basic.aspx?video=basic-loop-tutorial. It has basic and intermediate tutorials on different jewellery making techniques such as how to make jump rings (to make a necklace). 99 more words


Diamondhead Polymer (Flip-Up) Diamond REAR Sight - with NiteBrite insert (Black) LIFETIME WARRANTY

Diamondhead’s Polymer (Flip-Up) Diamond Sights are designed for all AR-15′s and Modern Sporting Rifles. The Polymer sights are fitted with NiteBrite photo luminescent inserts (the inexpensive alternative to Tritium) The Rear Sight incorporates the patented Diamond-shaped Apertures & Diamond-shaped upper housing – for faster target acquisition & centering. 25 more words

“Terminator” Self-Healing Polymer Invented

Abhishek Dhyani, 2nd Year, PSCT.

Remember the scene from the movie Terminator (1984) when Arnold Schwarzenegger repairs himself? Well guess what, researchers in Spain have unlocked its secret – a polymer that literally repairs itself.The scientists named the polymer material ‘Terminator’ in a tribute to the molten T-1000 robot developed by Skynet to be nearly indestructible. 311 more words