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Ebook: Introduction to Computer Data Representation

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Visualizing Polynomials in the Complex Plane

Generating the Images

The source code for this project can be found at my GitHub: https://github.com/SSODelta/PolynomialVisualizer

There are many ways of visualizing numbers in the… 620 more words


Ex: Dividing Polynomials by a Monomial (Basic)

This video provides 4 examples of how to divide a polynomials by a monomial.

III. Algebra Videos

Ex: Polynomial Terminology: Name, Coefficient, Constant, Degree

This video explains how to determine the best name for a polynomial, the leading coefficient, constant term, and degree.

III. Algebra Videos

Ex: Find a Polynomial Expression for Area of Rectangles - Pool Application

This video provides an example of how to express an area using the multiplication and subtraction of polynomials.

III. Algebra Videos

Ex: Find an Polynomial Expression for a U-Shaped Area

This video provides an example of how to express area using the sum of three rectangles using an algebraic expression.

III. Algebra Videos

Q: Who needs polynomial division? A: In high school, NOBODY !

Polynomial division is a completely unnecessary procedure. It is not needed for partial fractions. It is not needed for finding factors, etcetera…

The same result can be obtained in a more logical and meaningful way, by considering the structure of polynomial and rational expressions.

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