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Why do roots come in conjugate pairs?

This is an expanded version of an answer I gave to a question that came up while I was assisting the 2014-2015 WOOT class. It struck me as an unusually good way to motivate higher math using stuff that people notice in high school but for some reason decide to not think about. 427 more words



Even though he may not fully understand their meanings, Velum likes to use big words. He says he likes to sound, ummm, . . . polynomial!

Nested Expression

Some time ago I decided that I wanted to write a graphic novel. It would be a mixture of mathematics and insane situations with a dash of emotional drama. 328 more words


Octics Part 1

This post refers to Saturn and Neptune, they are programs for exploring fractals and are available from the download page.

Octic fractals are generated using an eighth order polynomial, the eighth power Mandelbrot is a special case where all coefficients except that for z8 are zero. 777 more words


Polynomials - Finding the factors of quadratic equations

This note is about finding the set of factors in a quadratic function defined as


The factors in is found by using a method of summing the factors in 12 to get 7. 254 more words


Squarish polynomials

For some reason I wanted to construct polynomials approximating this piecewise constant function :

Of course approximation cannot be uniform, since the function is not continuous. 276 more words