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Quelle Surprise!

CD1.  You know how I know? I got my period.

I did not, however, get any of the usual accompanying PMS drama. Okay, some sore boobs, but that was it. 134 more words

That's Science

November can't come soon enough

I just got back from my post op with Dr. Petrel.

Things are looking good! My uterus is all clear. Polyps were tested and aren’t malignant (a low chance, but she wanted to test them to be sure.) And my genetic tests came back with no abnormalities. 450 more words

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Forced break and change of blog topic for a few weeks

So I have been away, couldn’t face blogging for the last week.  Still been using the bike and still been getting up to and beyond 20k, even managed a 30k the other day… yay me! 655 more words

Goal Tracking

The Storm

I’m happy to say that my hysteroscopy is in the books. Done, done, and done. And lo! I’m still alive!

The night before, I received a call from my doctor’s office that there had been a cancellation. 743 more words

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Back in the Saddle

First of all, thanks to all for understanding my hiatus. And for welcoming me back to the fold. It’s truly astounding how warm and loving a set of perfect strangers can be. 395 more words

That's Science

Updated Post

I wrote this post about my Post Op consult when I was still processing everything and was short on time.  I realized based on some of the comments that I did not give enough information or explain my situation very well, nor was I fair to my doctor who has loads of data on our case and experience to back up his advice.   40 more words