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Back in the Saddle

First of all, thanks to all for understanding my hiatus. And for welcoming me back to the fold. It’s truly astounding how warm and loving a set of perfect strangers can be. 395 more words

That's Science

Updated Post

I wrote this post about my Post Op consult when I was still processing everything and was short on time.  I realized based on some of the comments that I did not give enough information or explain my situation very well, nor was I fair to my doctor who has loads of data on our case and experience to back up his advice.   40 more words

"Well, Of Course."

Today I went for my sonohysterogram, and Anti-Mullerian tests. Because Dr. Petrel was on vacation, I had to go to another office which was about an hour north from my home. 922 more words

That's Science

IVF Delayed until Hysteroscopy

Everything went great at my appointment!  Except for the fact that there is a rather large polyp-type growth on the side of my uterus.  Could this be the answer to my unexplained infertility?!   122 more words

Fibroids, polyps and other!


I have been wondering about Fibroids, these two fruits ( as I like to call them) have been happily and slowly increasing in size in my womb, I know that I had them in 2011, the large one has increased from the size of a tennis ball to the size of a large orange. 394 more words

Endometrial Cancer

Natural cures for Anosmia

Anosmia – no sense of smell! If you’ve landed here from a search engine, chances are you’re looking for cures, probably of the natural holistic variety. 959 more words

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