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Hi Ladies!
Hope you all have been well :-). Me? I’ve been in a constant state of frustration since last Friday, which has just been cruddy. 310 more words


Surgery tomorrow & Upcoming FET

I guess I didn’t formally update the results of my diagnostic Hysteroscopy back in November. Basically it wasn’t great news. They found that 5 polyps had grown back (I think there was more but they just stopped counting). 808 more words


This Doctor Got Right Up My Nose !

I was ready to publish this post last week but along came Toni’s baby (who is fine) and a party which both took priority over this post. 343 more words


Mayo Clinic Physicians Say High-definition Scopes Accurately Assess Polyps, Costly Pathological Examinations May Not Be Necessary

It may not be necessary for experienced gastroenterologists to send polyps they remove from a patient’s colon to a pathologist for examination, according to a large study conducted by physician researchers at the Jacksonville campus of Mayo Clinic. 466 more words


Help Lily this Christmas

I knew the place well. As a child I played there. Bumbling around like all small kids do, inventing games,or just exploring the back gardens and alleyways. 1,396 more words



my daughter’s grandfather

a problem

during the colonoscopy


intestine ruptured

leaking into the body

maybe five days

extended stay


five polyps

and waiting for tests



Growing Coral

Corals in the Florida Keys are in danger of disappearing. The number of corals are decreasing rapidly and the causes remain unknown. In the meantime, several groups are working on ways to grow them in large numbers to restore the ailing coral population in the area via “transplants”. 113 more words