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IVF Delayed until Hysteroscopy

Everything went great at my appointment!  Except for the fact that there is a rather large polyp-type growth on the side of my uterus.  Could this be the answer to my unexplained infertility?!   122 more words

Natural cures for Anosmia

Anosmia – no sense of smell! If you’ve landed here from a search engine, chances are you’re looking for cures, probably of the natural holistic variety. 959 more words

My Notes

Two Polyps Next

Under the Knife
14 times in 71 years

1.  In the 1940s
little boys
all were circumcised.
No waiting for day eight,
purely for health, 144 more words


Nurse the colon first before using your cancer cure

A house built on a good foundation can last forever

There is one common trait with every natural treatment for colon cancer.  That is that the supplements, herbs, or types of foods are only claimed to alleviate symptoms, or attack the cancer cell.  1,016 more words

Treatments & Therapies

Gluten-Free? Or, Not to be? With a Treat at the End

It’s been a long while since I’ve dialogued about my gluten-free journey.  The main reason is I’m avoiding thinking/talking about it in my normal life.  It’s been 13 months since I devoutly removed gluten from my diet and disciplined myself to reading labels — each and every time. 446 more words