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The Elder Scrolls - Clavicus Vile

What’s not to love about a god of Power, Trickery, Wishes, and Bargains?

Clavicus Vile, strictly speaking, is a Daedric Prince, but I’ve always found the line between gods and Daedra to be fluid, and I also tend to default to the idea that it doesn’t hurt to treat something as a god if it is as powerful as a god…and Vile is certainly that powerful. 414 more words


The Elder Scrolls - Baan Dar

Baan Dar is fairly obscure in Tamriel; he is the Bandit God but, according to Varieties of Faith by Brother Mikhael Karkuxor, is mostly seen as “…a marginal deity, a trickster spirit of thieves and beggars.”  The Bosmer honor him, largely due to his connection with archery, but he is popular and held in high regard among the Khajiit of Elsweyr. 559 more words

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My Doorways, My Self

I didn’t expect to be addressed by the Lord of Obstacles, and yet I can’t say I was wholly surprised by it, either.

Here’s how it went: my son became interested in Ganesha when we went to an exhibit of sacred art at the Smithsonian, and so we purchased a figurine for him, along with a book containing some of his myths.  361 more words

Personal Path

Detroit, What Was and Will Be

I am a Detroiter. I have lived there for a measly six months of my whole life, every other month previously spent in the countryside seven to eight hours away depending on the route. 4,128 more words

Dirt And Bones