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Letter from Lilith today

I’ve been very depressed today. Well, angry and depressed. There’s a bunch that funnelled into that of course, but a lot has to do with  355 more words

General Paganism

Offerings with Limitations

I love the idea of offerings. The notion of reciprocity between humans and gods. The idea of a cycle where they give to us, and we give to them, and through this exchange, Creation is propelled forward and maintained. 1,082 more words


I See You

I see you there.

From fog capped mountain peaks

Overlooking a busy ocean seaside

Where sheep graze along the hillsides

Between large, ancient stones

I see you there. 295 more words

Generalist Paganism

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I truly believe that Deity(s) (Whatever you may personally call Them/know Them as are waiting for us all).

Brighid's Devotional is Now Available!

The Cauldron Cill is proud to announce that their devotional for Brighid is now available for purchase! It is a lovingly curated collection of essays, poetry, art, meditations and photography in honor of the Celtic goddess Brighid, entirely created by the Flamekeeping members of The Cauldron’s Cill group. 112 more words


Vlog: Revivalism and Immersive Polytheism

I finally got a chance to sit down and vlog about Revivalism and Immersive Polytheism.


Vanic Friday

For awhile on my Tumblr I was doing “Vanaheim Friday”, wherein I would take questions from the audience about the Vanir gods and the Eshnahai (Vanic elves, citizens of Vanaheim) and the culture of Vanaheim, and Vanic practise.   148 more words


Octopus Handshake

There are days when being a Kemetic feels as overwhelming and endless as shaking hands with an octopus.

Octopuses are fascinating creatures, and I’ve been enamored of them since I was a preschooler.  884 more words

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