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Link: Rituals and Shrines 101

This is a great article from Baring the Aegis blog by Elani Temperance about rituals and shrines within Hellenismos.

Rituals and Shrines 101


We are Our Deeds

Beliefs don’t matter in most ancient polytheistic religions. Actions do. We are our deeds. Blessings flow where offerings go.

Ritual matters. Offerings matter. Beliefs are intangible and changeable based on human whims. 522 more words


Link: Cara Schulz on Hekate and the basics of Hellenismos

Elani Temperance has an excellent post and an embedded video about Hekate and household worship within Hellenismos (Hellenic Polytheism).

Here is the link: Cara Schulz on Hekate and the basics of Hellenismos

Devotional Practice

Fight to Protect

I’ve been keeping my post-making to a minimum, only publishing when I find it important (which, as you can see, means that there’s a particular sparsity to my words as I try and delve out what is truly the “important” bits). 1,594 more words


Link: On Pagan Martyrs

This is a wonderful post by Rebecca Buchanan on PaganSquare about Pagan Martyrs. Here is the link: On Pagan Martyrs


for my gods: kel on religion

(this post may go a little bit all over the map.)

I am here for my gods.

I am a polytheist, which means I believe in the existence of multiple (read: all) gods. 796 more words

Embracing a Calling: Death Midwifery

In my early 20s, I received that profound moment that others describe where they receive their calling towards ministry – The calling where you find yourself suddenly at complete peace and going “Yes, I can do this. 998 more words