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The dog days

The dog days, my latest post on Staff of Asclepius at Patheos.


Excerpt from Visions of Vanaheim: The Boar Tribe

The Boar tribe were, until recently, the ruling tribe of Vanaheim.  (The current king and queen have Boar lineage but are not Boar affiliated.) They took control from the Serpents about nine thousand years ago.   686 more words


The Price of Rebirth

The thing about being reborn is this: In order to be reborn, you must die.
Everyone wants to be reborn, but nobody wants to die for it.

1,038 more words


I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life, and I continue to deal with ongoing struggles. One of the things that I often hear from friends is that I am an inspiration to them because I have all this trauma and struggle and yet I keep going, and keep trying to be a force for good in this world. 1,800 more words


Radical Relationality (Part One)

What follows is part one of the presentation I gave at the Polytheist Leadership Conference in Fishkill, NY on the 11th of July, 2014.  I have decided to publish it in smaller sections, as the complete presentation is over 10,000 words, a bit longer than most internet readers tend to have the patience for. 2,128 more words

Things I am not real good at: certain kinds of patience

I am not always very patient, and I feel frustrated a lot these days by my inability to make progress with things. Some of it is the very normal-to-me frustration of having a day job at which I often have a lot of idle time, because there literally isn’t work to be done, and I would like to use my time productively, rather than reading blog posts, or FB updates, or staring idly out the window – but all the things I might do if I say, worked at home and had stretches of workfree time, I can’t do while I am here at work (tidy up all the very very low priority piles that need tidying, bake, maybe do some craft projects, nap, take long walks, etc.). 1,016 more words

Land And Land Spirits

Priestesses and Motherhood

Let’s face it, what we think of and expect when we think of a priestess is vastly colored by the cultural impacts of the classical world. 871 more words


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I'm past childbearing age myself at this point, and my daughter is an adult, but this is an important reminder not to discount either the young priestesses among us struggling to serve both their gods and their families, or the new generation of polytheists they are raising.