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Star Mother

My latest post to my blog Roads to Vanaheim at PaganSquare, entitled Star Mother, is up.


The Art of Co-Discovery

When it comes to a lot of people in the Pagan community, it seems that a lot of folks believe that you can shame someone into doing something. 1,175 more words


Etsy Wednesday

Some new devotional beads in my store.

First we have three sets for Loki:

Set I: measures approximately 10″ circumference and is strung on sturdy monofilament. 434 more words


Let us find a better way (or: "we are not the monsters under your bed, I promise")

The subject of sacrifice is always a heated one. When it comes up, it is natural and right to have emotions around it, whether you find yourself in favor of it, or against it. 3,687 more words

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Excellent post by Anomalous Thracian that touches powerfully on the ethnocentrism and arrogance inherent in those who condemn sacrifice. Also, this is so so true: "Many Polytheists do have anger problems, but not because of mental illness. These problems are social in nature, and stem from being constantly baited with rhetoric, hate-speech, death-threats, and discourse as if we do not qualify as humans at all." yes, yes, a thousand times yes. Seriously, this is one of the best things i've read on sacrifice and the current debates in a long time. It's a brilliant sociological examination.

John Paul Dabravalskas 1917-2005

Today I received a package from my brother. I knew he was sending me some photos of my late father, and he’d said he had included other items in the package but I had no idea what a treasure he was giving me. 263 more words


Doing My Job as a Priest

A friend of mine has been facing repeated heartbreak as he tries to get a fledgling relationship off the ground. We talked recently and he asked me, “Why do I have to keep paying in tears and pain for the sin of desiring romantic human companionship? 406 more words


Deathwork Training Update

Slowly but surely, I am getting further along in my death midwife and home funeral certification.  However, my health is still incredibly unstable, and I’m finding myself at an average of 3 doctor appointments a week.   603 more words