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A Report from the Journey to Meet the Gods

In 2012 I began a journey across the Americas on a bicycle. I had several reasons for going: to become a writer, to fulfill a lifelong dream, and to learn something about heroism and adventure. 3,016 more words

The Great Adventure

No good deed

I was contacted by a person who goes by Marie Benoit, Kerra Eivor, thelandofthesevenhorizons and no doubt a number of other online aliases. They claimed to be looking for information on Dionysos and shared a lot of rambling, incoherent and contradictory information about themselves. 1,309 more words

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In my own personal opinion dear reader Dionysus NEVER gives you the "simple" answer he gives you a clue and tells you to find the right yourself, which in my opinion is what he was telling the person to do.

Loki!stuff on my Etsy store

So these are some older listings of mine that could use a good home; considering how many Lokeans follow me I’m surprised they haven’t gone yet. 192 more words


The Morrigan, War, & How We See our Gods

The Morrigan, War, & How We See our Gods.

What an excellent post! We really do do the Gods injustice when we place our own views on them. 72 more words


A Memorial Service

Usually, I shy away from writing new exoteric religious rituals unless I personally need one. I am highly aware of the fact that there are, and have continuously been, Hellenic Polytheists in Greece, and that they already have rituals for these things. 2,064 more words


There are many labels that apply to me, that I use to define myself.  Pagan. Polytheist. Occultist. Spirit-worker. God-consort (demon-consort technically but he’s a god-level entity). 2,817 more words