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When Personal Myth Conflicts

Recently, Jo wrote about Personal Myth Cycles, and how she’s been coming to terms with the fact that some of her own personal myths regarding Poseidon don’t mesh with known “lore.” The material we come to accept as lore, as she points out, is nothing more or less than shared/peer-corroborated personal gnosis/doxa (PCPG) with the weight of years or tradition behind it. 3,180 more words


Two Hymns to Broken Gods

The other day, while sadly I wasn’t at home, P.S.V.L. stopped by along with another friend on their way to the recent Amanda Palmer show… 272 more words


Monistic vs. Dualistic vs. Pluralistic Schools of Thought: There Can Be Only Everything

This is a follow-up post to my “Fictique of ‘Powder,’” the 1995 film which touches upon a concept that has been both widely debated for centuries by philosophers and rapidly gaining popularity in recent decades by spiritualists.   3,825 more words


[Friday] Update

It is my pleasure to announce that a possible new god has been found for the Otherfaith. Elliot, one of the Other People, has been working on discovering any possible new gods that the Other People may have, and he has offered ‘the Darren’ up as a possibility. 690 more words


Beginner Resources for Gaelic Polytheism

Despite that this shouldn’t even be necessary, understand that this is how would help someone get started.

Starting out with anything is a process, and no one really outlines the process or how to proceed and handle moving forward. 702 more words


Riding the Crazy Train

Reviewed: God Speaking, By Judith O’Grady

What little Pagan philosophy I’ve read has been a little scant on actual theory on the world or, for that matter, theory.   2,532 more words

Gods And Mortals

My latest Polytheist.com column is up

My newest column at polytheist.com is now available here.  In this installment, I talk about the need, as part of our restoration, for resacralizing the world.