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Loki Steals the Moon

This is a cute little story, meant to inspire more of a laugh than a deep thought. Think of it more as… Divine Fan Fiction… rather than anything else. 1,848 more words


Accepting This Path

Recently I received an e-mail from my Roommate (we shared a dorm together for a semester, and I lived in her closet for a month last February, and I will always think of her as my Roommate). 700 more words


The Chariot

Determine the struggle; make victory sweet.

Believe it or not, I have been trying to write this post for almost three months.

I got a little stumped about how to approach this card. 411 more words


Empty Words Make Ugly Statements: A Response to the Covenant of the Goddess.

When I wrote about the death of Michael Brown in August, I wrote about my anguish at seeing yet another young Black man shot to death and my inability to do anything about it. 1,823 more words

The Need for Correct Labels

Words, too, have genuine substance — mass and weight and specific gravity. ~Tim O’Brien, Tomcat in Love

Each morning when I wake up, I take an hour before work to sit at the computer with a cup of coffee and check emails and read blog posts. 1,060 more words


There, let the way appear.

I am on a boat.

Rather, I am on a ship big enough to support the weight of a boat. It even has hand railings and, if I lean far enough over them, I can see the water rushing by and the froth and foam kicked up by the propeller at the stern. 4,120 more words