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Embracing a Calling: Death Midwifery

In my early 20s, I received that profound moment that others describe where they receive their calling towards ministry – The calling where you find yourself suddenly at complete peace and going “Yes, I can do this. 998 more words


There Goes the Neighborhood

TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,    
And sorry I could not travel both    
And be one traveler, long I stood    
And looked down one as far as I could    

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Meaning of La ilaha IllaAllah (Shahada)

The disbelievers in the time of the prophet (sallallahu alayhi wa Sallam) used to affirm the oneness of Allah in his lordship (tawheed at-ruboobiyah), that he was the creator, sustainer, giver of life, causer of death and administrator of all affairs, however this did not enter them into the fold of islam. 470 more words


Coming Out as a Godspouse

Coming up at the beginning of August, I will be celebrating my 8th anniversary with my Lord Apollon. With that, He has requested that He and I revisit and rework the vows we made to each other all of those years ago when our relationship was just really beginning to take form. 895 more words


The Importance of Correct Labels

Each morning when I wake up, I take an hour before work to sit at the computer with a cup of coffee and check emails and read blog posts. 999 more words

You can’t please everyone.

Sometimes, it takes only a single, unexpected encounter, to lift one out of a funk, or even to let us know that we were in a funk to begin with. 776 more words

Modern Life

Polytheism, or Do We Really Need to Elaborate?

So, I went and reread John Halstead’s blog wherein he discussed Pantheacon’s “Wiccanate Privilege Discussion,” and something caught my attention. Having a TBI, it takes my brain a while to process what I am reading and interpreting that information. 1,432 more words