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Prayer for Apollon

I wrote this prayer as gratitude and in payment for an oracle given to me by Camilla over at Foxglove and Firmitas. My experience with Apollon is fairly limited (thought certainly worth its own post at some point), though I continually find myself thankful for how His children, spouses, and devotees seem to keep cropping up in my life. 356 more words

Other Deities

Camilla Laurentine reblogged this on Foxglove & Firmitas and commented:

I'm so excited to see the first prayer out! This was written in payment for my first oracular service I held today. The next call will be put out on October 4th. Thank you to everyone who contacted me this month.

Fear Me

Fear ignorance and hate once decimated the world
Its making a comeback
Fanning its flames of anger over social media
Because of me
Get ready for the new apocalypse… 217 more words

The High Priestess

When I looked up the third card of the Majors in the Shadowscapes deck, I got really confused. I realized when looking at the webpage… 901 more words


The Magician

Shatter yourself into broken glass and rebuild the mosaic of your life.

In the Shadowscapes deck, The Magician has his connections to the elements. I find these appealing, these four classical elements that show themselves hanging from the young man’s wings: Fire, Air, Earth, Water. 461 more words


The Fool

To find myself one again whole, I must first tear myself apart.

Much of my spiritual practice has been thought-based these last several weeks. I miss formal or physical practice, though, but I find myself lacking in several ways. 534 more words


To the Ground.

As a matter of course, I try to keep as emotionally uninvolved with current events as possible. It doesn’t help my mental health to throw roots into whatever mess is manifesting in the world at any given time and, if I am brutally honest, I deal with enough of the horrors of humanity at my day job and I am all full up on human suffering these days. 1,745 more words

A Renewal of Vows

August 7th is coming quickly now. ┬áTime slipped by as it tends to do in my world. ┬áBut August 7th is an important date in my own religious calender… 286 more words