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Empty Words Make Ugly Statements: A Response to the Covenant of the Goddess.

When I wrote about the death of Michael Brown in August, I wrote about my anguish at seeing yet another young Black man shot to death and my inability to do anything about it. 1,823 more words

The Need for Correct Labels

Words, too, have genuine substance — mass and weight and specific gravity. ~Tim O’Brien, Tomcat in Love

Each morning when I wake up, I take an hour before work to sit at the computer with a cup of coffee and check emails and read blog posts. 1,060 more words


There, let the way appear.

I am on a boat.

Rather, I am on a ship big enough to support the weight of a boat. It even has hand railings and, if I lean far enough over them, I can see the water rushing by and the froth and foam kicked up by the propeller at the stern. 4,120 more words

The Major Difference Between Monotheism and Polytheism

This isn’t a trick title. The major difference between monotheism and polytheism, as one may guess, is that monotheism is the belief in one god while polytheism is the belief in  208 more words

Recovering Monotheists

At L.A. County cemetery, unclaimed dead await a final resting place - LA Times

It’s not very often that I simply put up an article on my blog, but I am still sitting here with a bit of shock about me on this one.   86 more words


My Modern Feminist Mind

Misogyny and bullying.  Do not feed the trolls…  But let’s talk for a brief moment about the acceptability of allowing people to say things like this: 407 more words

Review: Walking Between Worlds, by Nornoriel Lokason

Overall Grade: A

Walking Between Worlds, by Nornoriel Lokason – Amazon, Etsy

WBW alternates between autobiographical accounts of Nornoriel Lokason’s encounters with the Unseen and solid, practical advice for newer to intermediate spirit workers. 417 more words