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At L.A. County cemetery, unclaimed dead await a final resting place - LA Times

It’s not very often that I simply put up an article on my blog, but I am still sitting here with a bit of shock about me on this one.   86 more words


My Modern Feminist Mind

Misogyny and bullying.  Do not feed the trolls…  But let’s talk for a brief moment about the acceptability of allowing people to say things like this: 407 more words

Review: Walking Between Worlds, by Nornoriel Lokason

Overall Grade: A

Walking Between Worlds, by Nornoriel Lokason – Amazon, Etsy

WBW alternates between autobiographical accounts of Nornoriel Lokason’s encounters with the Unseen and solid, practical advice for newer to intermediate spirit workers. 417 more words


The Lovers

Reach out and touch the fire.

Often, I think of what I want out of my spirituality. Why I bother pursuing my ideas of the gods, relationships with deity and spirit, and why I keep writing on it. 547 more words


Deathwork Training Update

Slowly but surely, I am getting further along in my death midwife and home funeral certification.  However, my health is still incredibly unstable, and I’m finding myself at an average of 3 doctor appointments a week.   603 more words


The Hierophant

Stretch your roots deep into the Earth and feel the ages past.

During my darkest period, I spent much of my time reflecting on the need for a deeper meaning. 556 more words


The Becoming of the Queen

I’ve never been much a fan of holidays, but as I delve deeper into practicing religion, I find it becoming an exciting venture.

Last week was the Autumn Equinox, the day I associate with the beginning of Persephone’s Descent. 613 more words