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Polytron and Fez Intellectual Property Rights Up For Sale

Fans of the game Fez may finally have a chance for a sequel, after designer Phil Fish, owner of the Polytron developer studio, cancelled Fez II  277 more words

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'Fez' Developer has Personal Information Leaked in Harassment Attack

Yesterday afternoon, it came to light that the twitter account and website of Polytron, developers of the hit indie platformer Fez had been hacked. Personal information about the developers – going so far as to post social security information – was being made available for anyone that wanted to download the 1.5GB file extracted from the company’s Dropbox account (a service that allows for cloud storage back-ups of important files). 182 more words


News: Phil Fish announces sale of Polytron and Fez

Click here to read a news story on Phil Fish’s latest Twitter meltdown, written for Debug the News

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Fez and Polytron Up For Sale, Phil Fish Wants To Burn You

This is Phil Fish after all, we cannot always take what he says as something he is actually willing to commit to. 165 more words


'Fez 2' Will Never Happen, Fans "Don't Deserve It"

While it was officially announced last year that the Fez sequel had been cancelled, creator Phil Fish has once again made it very, very clear that… 200 more words


The place where bass sells TVs

Indonesian TV buyers can’t stand weedy sound – they want their tellies bombastic!

Today’s missive from the ‘Who knew…?’ department here at Words and Music… 531 more words


I Finally Beat Fez!

Fez is an indie game that I’ve been playing for a while now. It is equally the best and creepiest platformer I’ve ever played. The controls are tight, the sound is amazing, the world-rotating “gimmick” is unique and fun to use. 89 more words

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