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Garden update: Harvest Time

It is wonderful what benign neglect can achieve! I planted this pomegranate towards the end of the summer last year and have done nothing more than water it since. 7 more words

Happiness Project

Fruit Rhyme 1: Pomegranate

I sit and eat pomegranate,
In the city of granite,
On the third planet,
From the sun,

I like Pomegranate,
It is taken for granted, 8 more words


superfood watch: pomegranate being studied as a brain health booster

a recent study published in the journal of molecular nutrition & food research suggests that a chemical compound in pomegranate called punicalagin could help slow (but not stop or prevent) the progression of diseases like alzheimer’s and parkinson’s by treating inflammation in the brain. 53 more words

Juice Press

Research underway to create pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

Research underway to create pomegranate drug to stem Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

- THE onset of Alzheimer’s disease can be slowed and some of its symptoms curbed by a natural compound that is found in pomegranate. 218 more words

Missed - Medical Breakthroughs

brazilian mango salad.

Keeping it fresh and salady this week! Here’s one I created for the MK course, which I’m days away from completing.
I have a very very special friend from Brazil, who once upon a time even had her own ‘Mango shirt’, especially designed to save her clothes from endless mango munching. 15 more words


Pear and Pomegranate Smoothie

Time: 5 minutes
Servings: 2 Servings



  • ½ cup pomegranate seeds (anaar)
  • 1 pear chopped or pear juice (nashpati)
  • 1 cup yogurt (Dahi)
  • Sugar; to taste…
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Nutri Drops Grapefruit Diet (60 Tablets)

Nutri Drops Grapefruit Diet (60 Tablets)

Grapefruit Diet采⽤用来⾃意⼤大利的最新纳⽶米化瘦⾝身科技。它能够让⾝身体很有效的把多余脂 肪分解、氧化与燃烧。采⽤用BioBindTM脂氧联结燃烧科技,它能够让你的⾝身体有产生更多 热能,仿佛在做激烈运动。再配合NanoBoundTM纳⽶米⽌止肪科技,它能够抑制身体吸收过多 的脂肪、糖份与淀粉,把这些成份转换成能量,然后再用能量燃烧更多的脂肪。Grapefruit Diet也采⽤最新TDTTM标靶输送科技,让成份被输送进身体最需要成份的部位,以达到最⼤ 的效益。

* 纤体功效
* 身形变美
* 食欲减少
* 肤变得较嫩滑
* 体力明显增强

二十八天内的效果 899 more words

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