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The Manager's Job- It Doesn't Add Up

It’s a whirlwind of rumour and controversy with very little privacy and dignity towards the end, I am of course talking about the Pompey managers job. 636 more words


'Bobble Hats'

Took a trip down into ‘Gunwharf Quays’ to have ourselves a look about.

By Jeez it was a chilly one today!

Still it could’ve been worse; we could have been marooned in the West of Scotland for instance? 348 more words

The Streets

Thinking of G. Julius Caesar, the Race, and the End of Life

Gaius Julius Caesar. Master of war. His original name probably looked something like Caius Iulius Caesares – interesting if you are into Roman Gentes. The man was assassinated in 44 BCE by members of the Roman Senate. 935 more words

Thinking Latin

Lucan, The Civil War, 1.1-6: Beginnings, Eloquence and, eventually, Cicero

“War something more than civil over Emathian plains,
Legitimacy conferred on crime, and a powerful people,
We sing, a people who turned right hands against their own stomachs; 234 more words


The point of no return

No general exercising imperium could cross the Rubicon without the concession of the Senate. Sometimes the Senate would ‘humiliate a general by letting him wait there infinitely. 217 more words


Smarty Sparty (Final Part) – ‘Spartacus Spring’ passes into history

The ‘fasce’, a contraption consisting of a battle axe bound together with a bunch of wooden rods, was carried into battle by a standard bearer in the Roman army. 180 more words


SONG my heart sings poetry

verse 1

When my heart sings poetry  come and  sing with me

I am the pompey poet why dont you join me

lets sing at sunset lets sing by the sea… 150 more words