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Pomplamoose At TED

Not only do we have two original songs from Pomplamoose but Jack Conte gives a very interesting overview of the recording industry and the new “small-business” model that has been made possible by the internet.

Modern World

Move Over Muskrat, There's a New Captain In Town

Are they just a YouTube sensation or one of the most interesting and refreshing groups to bring music to the people? I want to get their album which has been recently issued but the videos are so absorbing that I’m afraid the audio alone will be less of an experience. 48 more words


Looking and listening this week


This week I have been getting less screen time thanks to some back pain that stops me sitting for long. However, I looked at two very different portfolios. 65 more words


SONG REVIEW: Pomplamoose - My Favorite Things (Julie Andrews cover)

Okay, reviewing this cover is a must because it’s just pure genius. So I came across this awesome cover last night when my Mom was listening to it. 158 more words

Song Review

Pharell Mashup (Pomplamoose)


So on the spectrum of partying up, I fall towards the “Darling-I’d-Rather-Not” end.

I know this is a rather odd thing for a twentysomething to say on a blog dedicated to the life of a twentysomething, but it’s the truth. 206 more words


Do you believe in life after love?

I’m just passing by to share with you the newest video song by Pomplamoose, a cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’.

And I have to do so because they are too amusing to be resisted!

I believe!