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DIY Tour - No Label. No Profit

It’s no secret that DIY is currently where it’s at when it comes to small bands starting out and wanting to get their music heard. There are… 422 more words


That's the way

Jack Conte’s account of the the losses sustained by the band Pomplamoose on its recent tour is a slap in the face to the primitive accumulators (i.e., libertarian downloaders, also known as pirates) who want their music free of cost and don’t care a whit about the cost of production of content. 71 more words


PiRate Picks--Conte/Dawn Are Champions Of Their League

If I told you today I was going to editorialize on a subject living in the San Francisco Bay area, and I gave you 100 guesses you would not figure out what this editorial would cover. 3,177 more words


Sperm As A Substitute

The show that I was supposed to put up on Saturday went up tonight, I apologize I didn’t put it up sooner. Busy weekend/week, laziness, general excuses, blah blah blah. 109 more words


The Problem of Payment

My friend, Jessie Nilo of VineArts in Boise, ID posted a link to this article that bears repeating. It’s the saga of a band I’ve never heard of called Pomplamoose. 234 more words


Episode 9 - The Escatones / Pomplamoose / Taylor Swift / AC/DC / Angel Olsen

We pontificate on (spending zero effort on research but the above picture says it all) how a mediocre indie-pop duo can piss away over 100k, what lovely female indie artist was missing from Rolling Stone’s end-of-the-year list, and we both review two different… 14 more words


My DSP 3: 30 Rock

Song: 30 Rock

Artist: Pomplamoose

Year: 2014

Favorite Lyric: She cracked a joke in front of his friends
She said the way he sipped his soda was so feminine… 83 more words