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Carter from Florida writes that he feels that I will enjoy this card because I am from Lowell and this card is a replica of one from the turn of the century.  41 more words


Juan Ponce de León es conocido por su éxito como conquistador, pero quien se hubiera imaginado que también fue gobernador de Puerto Rico?

Ponce de León nació en España dentro de la nobleza. El sirvió como soldado en la guerra contra los Moros en Granada y después de que la guerra terminara, acompaño a Cristóbal Colon en su segundo viaje a las Indias Occidentales. 155 more words

St. Augustine

Juan Ponce de Leon is known for his success as a conquistador, but who knew that he was the governor of Puerto Rico as well?

Ponce de Leon was born in Spain to a noble family. He served as a soldier in the war against the Moors in Granada, and after the war ended, he joined Christopher Columbus in his second voyage to the West Indies. 143 more words

St. Augustine

Sailing Where Juan Ponce de León Sailed, Maybe

Some historians say he landed at St. Augustine, but others say he landed south of there. The record shows that Admiral Pedro Menéndez de Avilés… 290 more words


Argh...here there be Treasure

With our study on Florida, we have covered the native peoples, the native habitats, and now we are learning about the Spanish explorers.  We’ve been talking about, reading about, and watching videos about men like Ponce de Leon and Hernando de Soto. 553 more words

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