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How to Install a Backyard Pond


An outdoor pond can be a great addition to your backyard. It’s aesthetically pleasing, and it brings an extra sense of nature to your backyard view. 533 more words


The pond has now been repaired, it turned into a bigger job than expected as we had two leaks, one top and one bottom. We fell lucky when we went to buy the new liner as the shop had an end of a roll which they let us have fairly cheaply and there was more than… 190 more words


U is for Underwater on Thirsty Thursday

Ol’ Wally caught a break on today’s letter.

Underwater is not for squirrels, but it’s home and safety for many aquatic animals.

Backyard Habitat

Quick Laguna Pond Heater 500 Watts

Usually for some garden fanatics who are planning to put up a pond, they do not really think of the type of pond to put up that much. 358 more words


No title, due to writer's block

Yesterday I went to a few different places to take photos. I ended up back near the water (of course, it draws me to it, even if I am unaware of what is happening).  44 more words


Missed gardens near the Eiffel Tower

Normally missed by tourists visiting the tower there are in fact two very peaceful and quiet gardens which surround the Eiffel Tower along with two ponds and benches available, making for a peaceful and relaxing view. 14 more words

Date lunch!

Ted and I used to carve out time to ourselves…but like so many people, parents, couples and career driven individuals…we often toss our time aside for kids & work.   189 more words