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I wish people didn’t judge. I wish that people would actually take the time to go up to me and get to know me before people made judgments. 202 more words


Push or Be Pushed?

Are you a pusher or a pushee?

My husband’s family has a “cottage” on Lake Erie with a fabulous beach.

One thing that has been a “tradition” for years is that we take a large raft and someone pushes it down to the pier or down to the rocks.   857 more words


Travel Theme: Purple ~ Photo Challenge

Humm think because I choose LavenderLadi as my “net name” that I like the various shades of purple?

Here’s where you can find more of this royal colour! http://wheresmybackpack.com/2014/07/18/travel-theme-purple/


The color of tears

If colors could be seen
Through clear
Like a prism
The right beam casting it’s light
What color would tears be?
Different colors
For different emotions? 104 more words