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Six Word Saturday...4/19/14


hitting my annual season of depression :(



Written for “Six Word Saturday”…click here to go to Cate’s blog to read how others describe their life in six words.


That damn feminist word again

Five days. I have been stewing over an article I read for five days. Most unlike me, I am sure most will agree: after all I rattled off “ 1,311 more words


From "dragon ass" to spreading my wings in "dragonfly"

Anyone who is blessed enough to live in the land of four seasons, knows there comes a time when we got to admit, we’re tired of white and wet stuff that looks a lot like snow. 61 more words

When Death Comes

When death comes knocking on your door, are you ready to let it in?

Will you be able to say you’re good to go and leave your loved ones behind? 564 more words


The No Knead Bread Saga: Part 1 - Hubris

“It’s so easy a four-year-old could make it.” A headline that caught my eye whilst I was touring the internet (I’m British, we don’t surf). A few clicks, a skim read and a moment of pondering later I started to get really excited. 870 more words


Prayer prompt for Saturday, April 19

Have you ever received a compliment that you knew was just empty flattery? Let’s not do that in our praise & worship of God.


Five Minute Friday: Glue

Trying something new and linking up with Lisa-Jo today. She does this neat thing for bloggers called Five Minute Friday. Where she encourages them to write unfiltered, unedited for five minutes, then courageously publish their five-minute-musings. 405 more words