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Prayer prompt for Saturday, August 30

What impression do you want to make at church tomorrow? Begin preparing your heart for worship and let God clear out the distractions.


We only need 5 things for happiness!

Seeking is a brilliant source of suffering. That constant companion driving you to never be content with your lot and always to have better, be better, do better. 287 more words


To seek or not to seek

We spend our lives

in pursuit of money,

in pursuit of love,

always seeking

and what for?

It is already there.

It is our perception of lack… 23 more words


Decisions, decisions...

If your heart calls you to do it. Do it.

If not, forget it. Simple.

Do not engage the mind for it

will distract you from your SELF. 55 more words



Sometimes, I miss you so much my stomach hurts. It aches from all the laughter I haven’t laughed.
I miss talking to you. Hearing your voice, when I call to tell you this “amazing, super cool, awesome” thing that neither of us will remember tomorrow. 191 more words


Truth, Tear Jerkers, And Clyde Kilby

Many years ago, there was this phase in my life where it seemed like everyone I knew was reading Nicholas Sparks’ “A Walk To Remember”. And, oh! 1,280 more words


A Fly Went By . . .


The children’s book by Mike McClintock was one of my favourites.

However . . .

. . . this is not one of my favourites. 237 more words

Stephanie Nickel