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I play dangerously this night

With the prospect of power

Hiding stars with my fingers

And galaxies with my hands.

Delusion never did anyone

Any favours.


… janina hope …

Creative Writing

When you want the glory without the path that gets you there

I dreamed it.

And it scared me.

Scared me right into humble submission to every long, hard, fatigued, feeling-sick day. Scared me into waiting patiently.  Scared me into receiving whatever I needed to learn and do in this hard waiting process. 924 more words


Prayer prompt for Wednesday, April 23

Is there anything you’d be unwilling to give up, if God asked you to? I don’t mean just “stuff.” What about time? Conveniences? Luxuries?



Never there
Always on the way
Never arriving
Never stay
Never finding
Always lost
Looking for answers
In the looking glass

Never knowing
Never sure… 30 more words


Steep On It

Homemade Chai Tea

  • 2 quarts (8 cups) of water
  • 8 bags of black tea (I used English Breakfast)
  • 1/2 cup of honey//sugar//agave//stevia
  • 16 whole cloves…
  • 334 more words
Matrimonial Musings


The last few months have been silent here. Here’s why… I’m closing down this blog. It’s a little bitter-sweet as this has been a landing-place for a lot of thoughts for the past 5 years! 81 more words


22 April 2014 Update 1

Update (1115am):
Sat in wheel chair for two hours this morning. Drank whole snack size fruit smoothie last night. Ate a few nibbles of breakfast. Oxygen requirements coming down. 39 more words