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Prayer prompt for Monday, Sept. 22

What is something practical that you can do this week to minister within the ministry of our church?


If You Want to Give Up, Don't

The clock in my living room is just about to chime 7pm. I should be boarding a plane in Atlanta right now, but instead, I’m not. 646 more words


Autumn Arrives

Once again, the last day of summer in the northern hemisphere is upon us. It harkens to us to harvest the bounty of the growing season that now comes to a close, alongside stocking up on all that we may need to stay warm, nourished, and comfortable through the colder seasons ahead. 820 more words


My Future Family?

I’ve been thinking about kids again recently – probably due to the recent arrival of my niece. I now have one of each – a niece and a nephew, and with that there is a strange sort of completion in the family unit. 898 more words


..... the breathings of your heart

My friend’s father recently passed away and in our conversation she told me that she received only two sympathy cards.  She went on to say that while people expressed their condolences in person and in emails, there were only two sympathy cards. 160 more words



I found the note you left
Behind in the kitchen, behind the coffee pot
That I used to put on for you
After nights I kept you up too late… 218 more words

Oh Look! A Poem

Prayer prompt for Sunday, Sept. 21

Young Hezekiah took on a huge job, as he tried to undo the damage of his predecessors. In your own life, what can God count on you to do?