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I am a Christian . . .

. . . but I’m not always happy and worry-free.

I have much to be thankful for. And, of course, it helps to focus on those things and on the good that I can see around me if I take the time to look, but sometimes the darkness is too insidious to ignore. 453 more words

Stephanie Nickel

Being Human..

Some say: being a man is priceless.
Others say: being a woman IS priceless.


- Mikee Cane


Canada, Eh?


Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers last week while our team was in Canada. After a great week full of laughter and new experiences, we finally made it back home around midnight last Saturday. 941 more words


Things people say when you have a chronic illness

I have been pondering the last couple of days about the things I have heard people say to me when they find out I have health problems. 1,152 more words



In the beginning, Genesis testifies that God created by the power of the spoken word, but also the power of touch.  The Lord took the dust of the earth, and molded Adam like a potter working clay.   478 more words


Prayer prompt for Tuesday, August 19

Read 2 Corinthians 11 and try to put yourself in Paul’s shoes. Picture the trials he endured. Give thanks to God for his grace & mercy.


"oh my god, yes."

Well. Here we go again. This blog has been around a while. Like, 2007 a while. 7 years ago I was 20 and had no clue what real life would be like. 225 more words