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playing catch up.

Believe me when I write that I’m more than a little frustrated that I haven’t written in almost a month. I never intended for it to be that way, and I hope it won’t occur again. 245 more words


A Condo for You…and Your Car

I have never been to Florida, and never had any real desire to go. But now I’m moving to Miami.

Why, you ask?

THIS. 110 more words


23 April 2014 Update 2

Update (630pm):
Infectious disease team says no infection. The problem seems to be balancing fluid intake with fluid being eliminated through the fistula and urine. Probably not a problem with either the heart or the kidneys. 24 more words


Deep thought of the day #1

On the subway, it is the sweatiest hand that will slide down the pole and land on yours.

My plans and thoughts regarding my Japanese learning.

I’ve just recently finished season two of TextFugu and so far I’ve had a great time doing it. I’ve learnt more during these 8 days of TextFugu than I think I’ve ever done with anything else, and I really couldn’t be happier with my results. 467 more words


23 April 2014 Update 1

Update (345pm):
Sleeping all day until 245pm. Now awake. AFAIK nothing has changed. Unsure as to why she is so sleepy.


Kenneth W. Rees… 20 more words


city parks & blusher & instagram

Clear the land. Make a city. Recreate a fake ‘natural space’ in the form of a limited, man-made park right in the middle of said city. 65 more words