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Prayer prompt for Wednesday, Oct. 1

Are you holding onto any lowercase-L lords that you need to let go of? Ask God to open the eyes of your heart & examine you.


The Stream Flows...

Facing failure was harder than I thought it would be…

My instinct is to run, I sit here waiting, thoughts don’t make good company…

Very few goals remain intact and worth pursuing, I will see this chapter to its end…where ever that may be.


Choice Has Set You Free

The smiles and the laughter, the giggles and the cheer

Have been a hallmark of your life for each and every year

The joy and love you you’ve given and shared along the way… 146 more words


Prayer prompt for Tuesday, Sept. 30

It is contrary to our culture to give up control or to be submissive. To let Christ truly be Lord of our lives, though, we must.


Graphic Design Project II: App Design!!!

I have been waiting to learn how to design apps for a long time. With new technology comes new ways of conveying information and services. This project is to design 12 apps: 4 ea with Logo based icons, 4 ea Symbol based icons, and 4 ea pictogram based icons. 67 more words