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Equal Rites


The new harbormaster is a WOMAN?! Where is the world going to: a woman taking the position from obvious men-only job… Wait wait wait… Why the main point of the headline is about the “first woman, ever” on the job while the text barely scratches the topic and even more importantly: what does it matter? 459 more words


Love or Obedience, where is your focus?

If you love Me, keep My commands John 14:15 (NIV) On the surface it seems pretty simple, If we say we love God then we should do what he says. 265 more words


My First Real Goodbye

“It’s time for us to go.”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve hated goodbyes.

From the moment I decided subconsciously that I was too proud to be excessively emotional and tearful, I opted to be as brief and aloof as possible, avoiding any lingering eye contact and keeping the farewell light, brief, and jovial. 949 more words


Get up and wash your faces...

After the somewhat depressing tone of my previous blog post, I plan to further depress / enrage you, my dear readers, by presenting my thoughts on a subject that I’m sure you will find intriguing. 1,052 more words


reading ~


my eyes absorb the essence of your words


my heart embraces every thought


my imagination ~

basks in the wonderment of it all.




Best Laid Plans

Images Here

This week’s post was supposed to be a follow on from last week’s architectural inspired article. One that would focus more on our self build dream and the elements that we want to incorporate into it, those that are totally different to the home in which we now live.   154 more words


Prayer prompt for Friday, Jan. 30

What’s your ministry “job description” right now? If you aren’t serving anywhere, why not? There are lots of ways to get involved.