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Prayer prompt for Monday, Nov. 24

We can become so accustomed to our creature-comforts and first-world luxuries that we forget how privileged we are. Pause & say thank you.


Is There a Difference? (...No)

This Wednesday after school, I decided to try a different bus, as the one I usually took was unusually packed the day before. Little did I know that the new one was even more crowded, and a lot of squeezing and pushing was involved when all of us students tried to enter it all at once. 536 more words


"Too much water" - is this a legit criticism of Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire? You bet it is.

By Tomás M. Creamer

* Note – this article is rated PER; Pokemon Expert Rating. It is recommended that you have a good grasp of Pokemon in general to fully appreciate this article – or even understand it. 476 more words

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The Best Medicine

Gratitude is the medicine that connects us to our hearts and grounds us into the magic of every precious moment. It is so easy to become distracted and dismayed, confused and consternated as we live out our days aligning happiness and satisfaction to outcomes and circumstances. 275 more words


Speaking My Truth

“Next time, ask: What’s the worst that will happen? Then push yourself a little further than you dare. Once you start to speak, people will yell at you. 906 more words



Today was one of those days when all I wanted was to be by myself.  It’s not because I’m unhappy, or sick, or in a bad mood; sometimes I just need a day to myself to clean my kitchen and handwash my delicates and plug away at the graduate school applications that are looming in the all-too-distant future (and that currently have me feeling somewhere between slightly anxious and full-fledged panicked, depending on the day). 1,662 more words


Prayer prompt for Sunday, Nov. 23

Think of a trial that you are experiencing (or recently went through). What is something that you can turn around into a prayer of thanks?