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Game Review- Z-Ball

Z-Ball is one of those classic arcade games that I always look back on fondly, with that same special regard people have for games like  1,083 more words


Audience Pong and RC Trash bins: An intro to TEI

This past weekend, I had the chance to visit this year’s Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction Conference (TEI) and catch up with a number of designers in the human-computer-interaction space. 410 more words


Friday Fun: Challenge 3 - Cup Pong - YouTube

This week on Friday Fun Janine and Tom attempt the cup pong challenge. Enjoy Be sure to leave any questions you have in the comment section below and tell us…

Anyone For Tennis?

Tennis has its roots set firmly in videogame history. Pong, which is regarded as the first commercially successful arcade videogame, is based on the sport. Although Pong still remains an iconic game today, a lot of other games based upon the racket sport have come and gone, and simply been forgotten about. 963 more words


What Is a Video Game Marketer?

by Jed Pressgrove

Discussions on “what is and isn’t a video game” and “formalism” continue their savage run. Some say we shouldn’t limit the definition of a video game. 442 more words

Lethal League - The love child of Pong and Street Fighter

When I come to write a review, I generally hope to have logged a few hours on the game. This allows me to get an understanding of the story, a better feel for the gameplay, and generally write a more informed article than I would be able to on a “first impressions” basis. 1,352 more words