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Banagher Horse Fair

Another one of Ireland’s great horse fairs is the Banagher Horse Fair, which takes place every September.  The Main Street of Banagher, Co. Offaly, Ireland  is lined on both sides with horses and ponies from early morning until late in the evening.  59 more words


Icelandic Horses

Have you ever seen such beautiful creatures in your life? These adorable small horses stand at 13 or 14 hands and are known for having 5 gaits compared with the average of 3 in other horses. 22 more words


An Analysis of Snowdrop


“Snowdrop” is one of the most popular animations in the fandom. It tells the sad story of a young blind pegasus who, feeling she’s useless, finally proves herself. 1,525 more words


Thought I better post something so here you go: A photo from a few months ago of Boety and I :) He’s pretty fab at the minuet! :D
Gina and Boe xxx

BABSCon ahoy!

So, tomorrow, my roommate and I will be attending this, and it will be pretty much my first fan con ever. I never did make it to any Trek conventions, despite my longtime fandom of that franchise. 92 more words


What Do Bronies Do?

Alright, alright. As Twilight would say, let’s check our checklist!


Grooming Tip: Horse Leg "Feathers"

Chances are, your horse either has “feathers” year-round, or only during the coldest winters (depending on the breed).

The fact that I left these “hairy heels” unclipped used to send my trainer over the edge. 177 more words