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Ponies and sunsets...

My ideal world, would consist of these two things.  Ponies and Sunsets. They say when you live in places of such beauty, you tend to take it for granted and those nights of sitting on the top of a hill in the summer, watching the sunset become less and less. 210 more words


In which we stray into the horse showing scene

Yesterday my stallion and I submitted ourselves to the critical eyes of three judges for the Shetland pony evaluation scheme; at the end of an exhausting and rather stressful morning, they pronounced that Gromit deserved a Bronze Award. 620 more words


MLP EG 2 Rainbow Rocks SDCC Trailer Review and Movie Preview

So Rainbow Rocks FINALLY got some movie footage out.  I mean, the shorts were nice to hold us over until we got some footage, then SDCC happened and NOW we finally get a trailer and a clip from the movie. 448 more words

How an expansive sky lifts my spirit

Today the Shetland Islands felt like a little piece of heaven floating on the Atlantic Ocean. A midsummer sun woke us early this morning; it was warm all day and the sky was like a fairytale. 169 more words


The new look Big English Blog

A while ago I mentioned I was going to give my blog a facelift, well you can now see the result. No panic – it is nothing major, just a bit of tweeking and twiddling. 409 more words


Abigail's Even Bigger Girl Camera

On the occasion of Abigail’s sixth birthday, her grandmother gave her a real, fully functional point and shoot camera. Since then, she has done quite a bit of pointing and shooting. 270 more words