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Dear noobs in Korea, you're doing fine...

Have you read this? Probably. While there are dozens of K-Bloggers out there, we’re the only ones reading what each other wrote so the odds are pretty good that you did. 887 more words

Something Korean


I confess I have been less than stellar in thought and action recently. (Then again, aren’t we all most of the time, us solipsistic humans?) I can recognize it easily now as jealousy, manifested as a practised withdrawal from seemingly competitive situations and a “hoarding” of everything (attention, empathy, material) that I could definitively claim as “mine”. 815 more words



Pontificating is the art of telling other people what to do as if God has told you personally.  Unless someone is speaking to the Pope himself, it is generally used as a derogatory label.  98 more words

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