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SPECIAL DELIVERY: Pony Express Visits Camp Sunnyside

Now that the weather is warming up, it’s time to start thinking about summer camp and a group of Iowans is making that possible for kids and adults with special needs. 187 more words


P is for Pony Express

P is for Pony Express – The Pony Express began overland mail service between St Joe, Missouri and San Francisco, California (their first letter postmarked April 3, 1860) almost one year to the day before the Civil War began. 406 more words

Pony Express Training, or Keep Smiling and Ditch the Watch!

This week is my peak week for training for the Pony Express (3/4 May 2014), I’m hoping to get up to 50 miles this week which will be spread over 3 runs.   2,077 more words


Old West Icon Faces Closure Flyover Pictures Hopes to Help

The Pony Express was a short but vital part of the American West and the history books tell of a group of young men, boys really, who rode hard and fast against the elements, indian raids, bandits and all sorts of other challenges to get the mail to folks before the stages, telegraph and railroads came in to put the Express out of business. 840 more words


Friday Facts- April 4, 2014- The Pony Express

The Pony Express was a mail service – it ran in the western part of this country with a starting point of St. Joseph, Missouri. It across the plains and over the Rocky Mountains to Sacramento, California. 133 more words

Friday Facts

April 3

It’s amazing what you can find on Wikipedia.

1328 years ago, Yuknoom Yich’aak K’ahk’ was crowned king of the Maya city of Calakmul. 149 years ago the first successful pony express service was run. 124 more words


The first westbound Pony Express mail run departed St. Joseph, Missouri today in 1860 with rider Billy Richardson. Now WE know em

Johnson William “Billy” Richardson was born around 1834 in Virginia.

It seems that at a fairly young age, Billy was shanghaied (kidnapped) to serve as a sailor on a seagoing freighter in the North Atlantic. 1,155 more words