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MLP EG 2 Rainbow Rocks SDCC Trailer Review and Movie Preview

So Rainbow Rocks FINALLY got some movie footage out.  I mean, the shorts were nice to hold us over until we got some footage, then SDCC happened and NOW we finally get a trailer and a clip from the movie. 448 more words

MGAA Nationals 2014 - The Rider

July 25, 2014

MGAA Nationals 2014.  My rider prospective.

Before I talk about my ride, I need to reflect back two weeks before nationals, to a team practice where I fell off Poe and onto my head. 1,363 more words


Breaking Horses

When she was young, my wife was a top equestrian athlete in Virginia. She rode extensively for over twenty-five years, but stopped after she became pregnant. 1,182 more words


Cross Country Debut

I took one of my young clients cross county yesterday for the first time.

She’s only nine and not been riding that long but she’s progressed to cantering around a small course of jumps quite confidently, so I chose an easy pony for her and we started off in the arena, warming up for jumping so she had to ride circles and transitions to make sure her pony was listening to her and she could easily adjust him around the course. 548 more words


How an expansive sky lifts my spirit

Today the Shetland Islands felt like a little piece of heaven floating on the Atlantic Ocean. A midsummer sun woke us early this morning; it was warm all day and the sky was like a fairytale. 169 more words



Hello started this Blog to show you about my Work with Abunatchi

A Pony can be your best Friend if you be the Pony’s best Friend…

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Meet our latest finger puppet. He is a unicorn, and his name is Elvis.

Meet Elvis the unicorn. He was created today using Pure Wool and a little bit of magic (and a felting needle). He is available on Etsy and will be at the market on Friday.