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Giggle break

You should always take a little time to have a giggle break. Here’s a pony in the backseat of a car! You’re welcome.

In which a happy herd has formed

Although it is good to leave Shetland for a few days, it is definitely great to be back among all my animal friends. As the ponies had never seen my new van, they ignored me when I parked nearby. 322 more words


Deep thoughts from a shallow mind

#1. I was given dinosaur eggs and ordered to hatch them. (Rainbow Dash is guarding them in the pic) #2. Im gonna drug test colt cause he is way to smiley….bet theres a bong in his diaper…. 76 more words

social media is for fonies


don’ be pretentious yo

social media is for fonies

and you know what rhymes with fonies?


you gotta ask yourself homie, are you a ponie?

End psot.

Pony Swap

Yesterday my Pony Club ride (yes I am teaching at camp number three!) requested to swap ponies in today`s flat lesson, so I replied with “only if you ride well in the first half of the lesson”. 1,056 more words


After you've gone- Oats update!

I think a vacation was great for the both of us. I hopped on Oats Sunday after flying back from NYC Saturday night, getting in at midnight…3am NYC time…So wasn’t expecting greatness but he was great! 241 more words


Poem #58 - Pony Hair

Pony Hair

Today I saw this pony right
That had a fringe better than mine
I asked her where she got it cut
But she persistently declined… 68 more words