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Another Perspective: A Great Ponzi

I came across GreatPonzi.com when researching Canada Bank Bail-In Rules (Original Paper) recently, and was stunned by reading the following. It was so similar when comparing our financial system with the ponzi scheme… 351 more words


Is Network Marketing A Scam or Not? (Pyramiding Scheme or Ponzi Scheme)


Para sa akin, hindi lahat ng network marketing companies ay pyramid scheme or ponzi scheme. Nasa member manggagaling kung paano ba nila winowork out ang business pero kung ang company ay walang tangible product na inoffer at hindi pwedeng maibenta ito, ang company ay sure na pyramid or ponzi scheme.  1,078 more words

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How Madoff probe uncovered a hedge-fund scam led by ex-MIT professor

Scams and Pozi Schemes are together with us forever. It’s sad that these investors lost their money, but anyone falling for returns of 16% to 23% were really naive. 372 more words


The Little Black Book of Scams

Before you dream of getting richer, you’d better to prepare to protect yourself from scams first. This is especially true at the age of digital world. 448 more words


Portland Round 2, Casey Goes Gleysteen

A few months ago around Memorial Day my sister tied the knot with an amazing gentleman, John Gleysteen. They live in Portland so it was a definite destination wedding. 907 more words