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Peak Ponzi: Only 13% Of Loans In Bulgaria's Fourth Largest Bank Had Valid Collateral

One can debate whether, by virtue of fractional reserve banking, every bank in the world is just a ponzi scheme, and where the stability of the system depends entirely on the level of counterparty faith and general confidence in the system, in other words, a grand con game in which the central bank is tasked with making sure the con works as planned when confidnce gets “a little low.” 372 more words


127 empresas americanas de fracking deben 110.000 millones de dólares

En el primer trimestre del año 2014 los resultados de explotación durante el año que va de Abril de 2013 a Marzo de 2014 dejaron un saldo negativo de 110.000 millones de dólares. 1,923 more words

EEUU: Compañias de fracking inflan exageradamente sus reservas de gas no convencional para atraer inversores

Presentando datos de sus reservas que superan en varias veces a los reales, las compañías petroleras de EE.UU. buscan ‘vender’ la burbuja de la fracturación a los inversores y persuadir a los legisladores para que permitan la exportación de crudo. 239 more words


Part II - Even after 100 yrs, basic elements of stock market scams remain unchanged

In our earlier article we had put an extract from the book, “Wall street stories”, today we highlight few common examples of scams.

“There Is Nothing New Under The Sun” – Ecclesiastes  1:4-11… 684 more words

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Throwback Thursday: How to Spot a Ponzi

Get-rich-quick schemes snare many people looking for a golden opportunity. Often these innocent victims find out too late that their cash cow is a savings drainer. 338 more words

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Scott Rothstein's Ex-Law Partner Sentenced To Prison

FT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami/AP) – A former law partner of convicted Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein has been sentenced to nearly three years in federal prison.

In June, Stuart Rosenfeldt pleaded guilty to federal election campaign law violations, check fraud and a civil rights violation. 550 more words


A 400 year old economic theory explains who really runs the Indian stock market


Vivek Kaul

On September 12, 2008, the Bank of England, had total assets worth £83.8 billion on its books. In the six years since then, the total assets of the British central bank have gone up by a whopping 385.6% to £ 404.3 billion, as on September 17, 2014. 1,423 more words