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Sensex @28,500 : Stock Market as a beauty contest

Vivek Kaul

We never know what we are talking about – Karl Popper

The Sensex closed at 28,499.54 points yesterday (i.e. November 24, 2014). The fund managers are confident that this bull run will last for a while. 1,156 more words


Efecto real del fracking sobre el PIB de EE.UU. El fracking desenmascarado.

Eduardo Martínez Abasca
l, profesor de Dirección Financiera del IESE, muestra que:

son falsos los estudios que afirman que el actual crecimiento del PIB estadounidense se sostiene sobre la aportación del fraking a su economía.

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Ponzi Dolcetto, 12 Willamette. PS I'm in Oregon.

Welcome to my first blog post from the state of Oregon! But first, a disclaimer to those that didn’t know I had relocated…

In the past, I’ve always blogged about wines that were available for purchase at Cellar on Greene in Columbia, SC, because that was where I worked! 809 more words


Fraud by unregistered brokers on the rise

Whenever there’s a bull market, there’s usually a bull market in financial chicanery, and last year was no exception, according to state securities administrators.

Biggest problem: Unlicensed brokers ripping off investors. 222 more words


Millennial? Don't expect a state pension.

Hahahahaha, Ponzi schemes.

A report published this week signalled a grave financial future for young Britons.

It claimed that the pot of money the Government uses to fund state pensions will run out 20 years earlier than expected.

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Peak Ponzi: Only 13% Of Loans In Bulgaria's Fourth Largest Bank Had Valid Collateral

One can debate whether, by virtue of fractional reserve banking, every bank in the world is just a ponzi scheme, and where the stability of the system depends entirely on the level of counterparty faith and general confidence in the system, in other words, a grand con game in which the central bank is tasked with making sure the con works as planned when confidnce gets “a little low.” 372 more words