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La falsa promesa del fracking sobre los empleos locales


En una sorpresiva decisión que llevó a la consternación de la industria del petróleo y el gas y la euforia entre los opositores fracking, el gobernador de Nueva York Andrew Cuomo  … 1,567 more words


Lawrence Solomon: The EU promoted reckless borrowing and spending. Now German taxpayers will suffer

Greeks are back to their income levels of 2001 but they’re worse off now because their economy is in shambles

In a Ponzi scheme, suckers in a investment think they’re doing fabulously well by all the cash they’re suddenly receiving, not realizing that the cash isn’t coming from profits but from new investors suckered into the scheme. 719 more words

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Corporate Ponzi Game In China?

Like the Chinese economy that seems to have defied fundamental economic laws, many Chinese firms have also been able to defy the ‘gravity’ or ‘golden rule’ of profitability. 19 more words

Longing for Vanderbilt

What happened to them?
Those “Robber Barons” of old,
whose fortunes emerged
from building a modern world?
Have they been replaced,
one and all, by a new breed… 49 more words


Architect of multimillion-dollar Ponzi scheme back in prison

The man at the centre of a Ponzi scheme that bilked hundreds of Albertans of more than $30 million is up to his old tricks — and back in prison. 456 more words

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Steve Hill Is A FRAUD

Steve Hill – Financial Scammer at Sinclair James, Manila

Steve Hill stole my money.  All of it.  Many other people’s too.  This is the tale of how I got duped out of everything I owned by a dastardly financial advisor in Manila, Philippines. 473 more words


Of Ponzis and Paycoins - Why to be Wary

Well, it’s been quite a while since my post a while back on how GAW Miners was changing the scene of cryptocurrency mining, and at this point, I feel pretty stupid. 986 more words