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Running tips #3 - have a pre-run poo!

You may scoff, but trust me when I tell you to make sure you have a poo before you leave the house! I guarantee you’ll be heading for the nearest bush or grim petrol station shitter if you don’t pre-empt your bowel movements in advance…


Poo in the bath. Again

In December, I wrote about the joyous experience that was a poo in the bath. A special little gift Baby Girl had been holding back for nine months, specially for Christmas. 603 more words


7 Quick Takes Jan 30 2015

— 1 —

I have had little to report on the poo front lately because my mom has been changing a lot of my dad’s briefs. 577 more words


You Can Earn Up To $13,000 A Year By Selling Your Healthy Poop To Scientists

Short on cash? OpenBiome, a nonprofit organization focused on fecal microbiota transplantation therapies, is offering up to $13,000 a year for health individuals willing to… 242 more words

Web Culture

The poo talk

I have never been one to steer away from poo conversations and I quite like a good poo joke but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine I’d be talking about poo as much as I do now. 216 more words


Vehicles and Animals

Archie slept for 12 hours last night. Mum and Dad got him to sleep in his bed before eight, amazing!! I think he’s having a growth spurt and I need to adjust his routine a bit. 512 more words


Happy poo-day to me, happy poo-day to me, happy poo-day to meeeee, happy poo-day to me.

Erm… OK?

It’s 2pm and I’ve dealt with SIX exploding nappies, and a dog who decided to roll in a huge pile of fox crap.

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