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Poo Apocalypse (old posts 3/16)

At 8am our little sunshine comes into the bedroom, just as she does every morning – she gets into our bed and reads her books for 5 minutes, until mammy is awake enough to get her dressed and ready for a new day. 329 more words


A Poop By Any Other Name...

On this blog, we’ll be using the word “poop” quite a bit.  Why?  Well… because it seems so much less technical and official than saying “Bowel Movement” or “Feces” all the time and it seems better than saying “sh….” other things :-). 103 more words

Bowel Movement

Au Pair Problems. Part 2.

Today I was offered a suppository. I’m not sure if it was meant as an assault but I definitely feel violated. I asked for some paracetamol, not some horrific Madagascar root plant that can only be taken in the form of your arsehole but fucking paracetamol, you know, the stuff you buy for 8p`from Lidl then hope you won’t die. 780 more words

Smelling for poo at the airport

I was at Melbourne Airport recently, we were waiting for our flight and my wife asked if our bug had gone number two (that’s a poo for the uninitiated). 241 more words


The Scent of Motherhood

My smell receptors couldn’t have possibly realised what a sad and pathetic existence they had prior to parenthood. They lived an existence of frivolity drawing in scents such as cut grass, doughnut stalls and fairground rides. 619 more words


The obsession with poo.

Rosie seems to have started the obsession with poo and Lily as always has followed the craze.

What is it about poo?

What would you like in your sandwiches? 108 more words