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Sometimes you need to launch a surprise attack #art #collage #caddyshack #poolscene

A few weeks ago, this was the disaster I was facing. Beneath this mess of gesso and paint and scribbles is another collage of a bathtub that wasn’t working – with a stupid weeble launching itself in from the left, that looked far too much like a penis. 189 more words


Poopy Peter

by Adam Stones

Peter woke up and slowly opened a beady eye to take in his surroundings. ‘Fucking hell – what dank dump have I woken up in today?’, he thought.

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Short Fiction

The Steel Giant and does a bad ass shit in the woods?

Today has been a big day for me in getting back to life, exercise and being outdoors. Since my j pouch operation I have had a few days out but today was the first real time I was out and about with no easy and quick toilet access and I was scared! 424 more words


Sick on a Plane

The smell was horrendous. And it was dripping everywhere. Chris had a pool forming in his cupped hand, and Lylah was screaming in between each projectile shot. 678 more words

No, No, No! No-Bake Cookies

In an effort to make sure Brad Pitt doesn’t come home from work thinking we live in a barn, I decided to clean up a little bit. 572 more words