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Yes, I found it here.  I mistakenly thought I had posted to the original post, when I was posting the relay on g+, that is why I reposted the first and second comments I made to you HERE instead of on my page, because I realized that none of my posts were on the original notification.  4,027 more words


If you could change one thing about your body...

Hold up.

This is not an attack on body image, it’s an answer to a question that comes up too often, even now when we should know better. 1,873 more words

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Just a thought

Just a Thought:
I have a pretty great life; I am grateful for it and attempt to continue to grow and live in the present moment. 468 more words

March 2014

The more things change, the more they stay the same...

This is a proverb I’ve found to be true in a great many cases.  The basic principle is one that I try to instill in my students.   688 more words

good day...

three things happened today…

found out that I hadn’t lost the form from CPP… apparently you have to get them online now… thankfully my accountant let me know before I had to ransack the whole house… 132 more words

Thoughts..... 2014 WAReconomy

(AffluenzaDefense is the term a therapist used to supposedly keep this underage rich kid who killed 4 people in a DUI and got him ten years of probation and not one day in jail… it was a bit of an outrage.   4,548 more words

How often do you act like a victim?

I was thinking recently how so often in life we act like victims. We want everyone to wallow in what we do not have, what transgressions have hit our days – the “poor me” mantra. 409 more words