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Receiving Blame

My parents made the poor decision of having a third child when I was 5.5 and my brother was 3.5 years old. Me and my brother are exactly 2 years apart and have always been extremely close. 454 more words

Heart attacks

It’s not a cop-out to reference one’s childhood when explaining one’s bad adult behaviour. There is a reason why every therapist wants to know how their clients dealt with sad feelings as children, how their parents talked to them, how often they saw their parents, how safe they felt, and more. 1,721 more words


The Daily Read: Not Everyone Deserves the Privilege of Parenthood

There is a thin line between rights and privilege…

#Fact: God willing, we are all physically capable of having children as reproduction is the main reason for sustaining human life. 653 more words

The Daily Read

My Long Term Relationship (or as Cosmo calls it LTR) With My Dentist

By Biz Hall

*disclaimer* Both of my parents deny that this is how these events unfolded.  I will never know the truth for I was an infant. 1,108 more words


From Tots to Adults: When Spoiled Brats Grow Up into Bigger Ones!

Remember the stories your parents told you when you were growing up? These were stories of how they had to walk miles just to go to school or the grocery store. 2,255 more words