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Don't Make it Complex! Poor posture will be the Root Cause of Most Chronic Back Pain

Have you ever wondered why your low back pain seems to grow to be a lot more pronounced the longer you sit at a desk?  Or if you do lots of manual perform standing over something? 568 more words

Better Living And Pain Relief

Body Language: Posture

You’re meeting someone for the first time, and they step forward to shake your hand, shoulders rounded, back hunched…what is your first impression? They look like they’re carrying the world on their shoulders, right? 1,288 more words


Why Athletes Can Learn From Toddlers

For the greater part of the day, children are sitting in class, or for the most part, simply inactive. Even if a child participates in after school sports, when you break down their day as a whole, they are still plopped on their bottom for hours. 272 more words