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Watch Hong Kong's Poor Demand Their Say in the Way the City Is Run

After more than three weeks of pro-democracy protests that have paralyzed parts of Hong Kong, anger at the city’s leader has reached an all time high. 149 more words

Its all 'bout the money...

…money that I don’t have! Yes, it is true, I am part of the 20-something (almost 30-something) clan who have yet to reach that point in their lives where money is not an issue and you don’t live from paycheck to paycheck. 781 more words

And Here We Are!

Today marks the start of the last week of the first three months of this job. Most jobs, at least for me, require about this much time just to get the lay of the land – tools, process, people, expectations, etc. 771 more words

Foolish Favoritism (James Part 2)

James speaks out against favoritism in chapter two. First, he describes a situation in which the church is gathering and a rich man with fancy clothing is given a special seat compared to a poor man in shabby clothing who is told to sit on the floor. 235 more words

A Morning Walk

Last Tuesday morning I took a walk, which is not abnormal, but this one ended up not being so normal. I normally walk up to what we call “the prayer house,”  an old abandoned house, to the south of us, but on this morning the Lord seemed to tell me to go the opposite direction, to the North, where there is a poor residential area with a lot of people. 557 more words


A poem #69 - A shallow awakening

“A man’s riches consist not in the extent of his possessions
but in the fewness of his wants.”
If this is so, then I am truly the poorest soul alive. 52 more words