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Disney, One Day I Will See You

One thing that sucks about being broke is that you don’t get to do things that most people feel are things you should experience in life. 459 more words

Life Between Poor And Rich: Phenomena Of Life-Youtube

Watch it yourself! Feelings from me posted in the previous post.

Selling Your Body

  In the panic of trying to find money to pay for my own groceries, I resorted to the typical help button of the 21st century: Google. 163 more words

Picking on the poor in the name of Christ

Over the years I have heard some of my fellow Christians say truly awful things about the poor, the disabled and the needy. In one conversation a fellow Christian declared that the poor “deserve to be poor” and almost always cause their own problems. 469 more words


My pants are taking things too literal.

Hello Lovelies!

So today is Holy Saturday.

Also Holy Saturday for my pants.

With me being a poor and not willing to spend that much money on clothes type of person, the inevitable has finally happened. 144 more words

Sorta Saturday

The River

The water rushed over the rocks.

Cold, endless water.

They washed their clothes and socks

Here because they didn’t have anything better.

Tears came into her eyes… 97 more words

Big World

Woman with shopping cart

Heading on

Heading nowhere with a wagon made for shopping, the woman gaze into the distance, keeping both hands on the shopping cart, in which she keeps all her belongings.