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Art Basel and Scope

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending two of the premier art festivals in Miami, Art Basel and Scope. Although Basel was a bit drab and pretentious I found Scope to be the better of the two. 74 more words

Joseph Watson Collection

I am proud to announce that I am now apart of the team at the Joseph Watson Collection at The Arts Factory in Downtown Las Vegas. 75 more words

Dave Dave

Production Post

Production day- 14/11/14

We filmed on the 14th and began by pinning up our black backdrop and looking at lighting,which is shown in a different post.In the end we filmed with the main light in the back right of the room at an angle with torch light reflected onto the silver reflector. 72 more words

Track List Ideas

Track list

Here is a word collage of some of our ideas for track names for our digipack:
ghost,glow,grow,beautiful,believe,high hopes,positive,magical,alone,choices,in my heart and an open book.

Pop Artist

Audience Research- Group Discussion

 Focus Group 

My partner and I had a discussion with a focus group aged 17-30 about our artist Ella Henderson and other artists that relate to her. 
Pop Artist

Props, Costume and actor organisation

Props,costume and actor organisation

For our music video there will be several costumes for the artist, and the use of different props to create a effective story line for our video.
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