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#WhyIStayed: Meredith Vieira Reveals Past Abusive Relationship [VIDEO]

For whatever reason, most people don’t think of celebrities being in abusive relationships. Especially highly-respected celebrities. Meredith Vieira has opened up about being involved in an abusive relationship when she was younger, explaining that “it’s not so easy to just get away.” 224 more words


'Revenge' first look: Watch the trailer for season 4

All Revenge fans know exactly where we left off with season 3. David Clark is alive! That jaw-dropping moment left us in utter anticipation of what’s to come for season 4. 114 more words

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Let's Talk about Heaven (It's Probably Not What You Think)

It’s quiet, quiet except for the soft hum of small conversations and the occasional reference question. Gentle music plays in the background, almost at a trickle; enough to be heard but not intrude. 827 more words

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Fashion Week Across the Pond: Links You Need To See

Fashion Week has finally vacated the streets of Soho (New York), and now London’s clicking with the Louboutins of a thousand fashion editors. Although London tends to be the kid sister of the Fashion Week cities, … 204 more words

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The problem of being born in a year that ends in 5... (Another interlude)

…is that you never really recall the whole of the decade you were born in.

I fear that for a man who’s a mere twentysomething*, I’m getting awfully nostalgic. 473 more words


Women React to the Birth of Baby Gosling: Hearts Everywhere Are Broken

Thank to be birth of baby Gosling, women everywhere are having severely mixed emotions. They are happy to see the couple have a healthy, happy baby, but they are terrible sad that they are not the baby mamas. 247 more words

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