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Jacob's Story: Broken People Make Great Starts (Sunday's Sermon Today)

The sun is just starting to come up over the hills in the distance, and he can see the figure of the angel walking away into the mist of the early morning dew. 2,818 more words


Meghan Trainor's Songs are Not Empowering

Since the idea for this blog arose from discussing Meghan Trainor’s songs with a friend, it seems only fitting to make that the topic of the first post. 631 more words

All About That Bass

Gotham 1.2: What's A Family? (TV Review)

In the second episode, “Selina Kyle,” we watched the episode’s titular character (Camren Bicondova) end up on a busload of kidnapped street children aimed at a brutal, edible ending. 356 more words

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James Dean is Still Cooler Than You

Today is the 59th anniversary of James Dean’s death. The man would be 83 years old now and who knows what he would have done with his life and career had he survived a car crash. 371 more words

Celebrity Crush Kingdom

Cinema pests are you one?

Okay I love going to the movies. There’s something wonderful about finding the right seat (not too close, not too far away, preferably in the middle somewhere). 1,109 more words


Dr. Who season 3 - The Doctor's "Riker's beard" moment

I have been too busy clearing my head of internet fluff and doing store stuff PLUS watching a shit-tonne of Dr. Who and now let’s talk about it. 204 more words

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